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Video TitleDescriptionFinance TopicPublisherVideo Length
Can you win this game? Behavioral economics says no! Standard economic theory assumes people will make rational decisions. Behavioral economics knows better.Behavioral EconomicsPBS8:34
Student AP Psychology Naturalistic ObservationIt's just a dollar. Would a stranger return it to you?Behavioral FinanceCorbin Hooker2:34
The Pain of Paying: The Psychology of MoneyHow does psychology factor into your purchasing? Would you be surprised to learn that the primary response is pain?Behavioral FinanceDuke University14:51
Why We Crave What's CoolDo you buy your friends? By purchasing status brands, that may be exactly what you're doing.Behavioral FinancePBS Newshour8:10
Salman Khan Describes Future Classrooms with Blended LearningAs technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, what are the ramifications for the classroom?Blended LearningYouTube3:20
Blended Learning: Making It Work In Your ClassroomA blended learning classroom allows students to receive more individual attention.Blended LearningEdutopia5:15
Are Investors Pumping Up Another Housing Bubble in Florida? What causes housing "bubbles?" Is another on the way?BudgetingPBS Newshour8:12
Budget Man! - Life Smarts 2015A collection of videos explaining budgeting for young people.BudgetingAlabama life smarts1:03
Don't Let Your Budget Go To The DogsGood budgeting tips demonstrated by cute dogs.BudgetingHenrico 4-H1:29
Magic Johnson: On Life, Business and SportsHow can one pro athlete lose over $100 million, while another builds lasting success? Lessons anyone can benefit from.BudgetingCBS8:08
North Dakota Life Smarts Video Challenge - The Unexpected Virtue of BudgetingAndrew's friends teach him about budgeting in this student video.BudgetingJamestown High School life smarts Team2:12
West Chicago Life Smarts 2015 Video ChallengeIt's never too early (or late!) to start budgeting, as these high school students explain in various videos.BudgetingWest Chicago life smarts Team1:00
PREVIEW: College Budgeting BasicsA brief outline of budgeting basics.BudgetingNext Gen Personal Finance1:08
How Modern Couples Manage Their MoneyHow should couples manage joint finances? Random people explain their approaches.BudgetingTime Money2:03
Can I Afford It?We all want things, but can we truly afford them? One young person gets advice on whether she should buy a $1200 tote.BudgetingCNBC4:13
Unit Pricing Helps You SaveWant to save more at the grocery store? Start comparing unit pricing.BudgetingConsumer Reports1:48
How The Average US Consumer SpendsA series of infographics explain the average annual spending breakdown of American paychecks.BudgetingCredit Loan1:31
What is the Difference Between Gross Income and Net Income?What is gross income? What is net income? Watch this video to learn the difference between these two terms. BudgetingDamon Duncan1:11
Pay Yourself FirstWhat's the most important step in personal financial planning?BudgetingFOX53:36
The Art of the Deal: How to Haggle for a Used CarBuying a used car? Use these tips to get the best price.BudgetingABC News4:52
Dee-1 Explains Why He Drives a 1998 Honda Accord As An Everyday CarRapper Dee-1 explains why he drives a 1998 Honda Accord.BudgetingDJ Smallz5:15
Comparing the Cost of New and Used CarsA cost comparison between new and used cars goes beyond the sale price. Find out which other factors you should considerBudgetingBetter Money Habits7:02
What is Liability Insurance?Not sure you understand what liability coverage is? Watch the video for some useful information.BudgetingAllState2:17
Should I Buy a New or Used Car?Should you buy a new car or a used one? This video compares the two.BudgetingNewCars.com2:37
The Test DriveOne of the most important parts of buying a used car is the test drive. This video explains what to look for.BudgetingEricTheCarGuy13:57
Why You Should NEVER Buy a Brand New CarBuying a car? Your best value will be with a used one.BudgetingFamily Cheapskate2:04
Car Title Loans Onerous, Not DangerousCar Title Loans are an expensive way to get fast cash, but you won't necessarily lose your vehicle.BudgetingThe Street3:37
A Sample SpreadsheetWhat percentage of your spending goes to any particular thing? A very simple Excel formula can help you track your expenditures.Budgetingexpertvillage2:24
Mr. Insured and Mr. UninsuredWhich is cheaper: replacing all of your belongings, or Renters Insurance?BudgetingMissouri DFP2:54
Suburbs and Cities: Why Do We Live Where We Do?This video provides an historical perspective on how cities developed and the factors that determine where people live in in the U.S. compared to Europe. BudgetingWendover Productions10:04
Renting An Apartment - How ToRenting an apartment is an exciting step towards independence. Here are ten tips to make the experience easy and stress-free.Budgeting1click2know3:48
Grocery Shopping SecretsEveryone has to eat, but you don't have to pay full price for your food. Learn how to get the best bargains at the grocery store.BudgetingWITN TV3:52
How To Win The Money Game: A Former NBA Star Shares Financial AdviceNBA player Adonal Foyle offers financial advice to professional athletes, but you can use it, too.BudgetingNPR6:46
Former NBA Star Antoine Walker Talks Money Matters at TSUFormer NBA star Antoine Walker shares his personal experience with financial mismanagement and bankruptcy.BudgetingNews Channel 52:06
ESPN 30 for 30: BrokeThis link delivers five financial documentaries covering investment schemes, well-paid sports stars that go broke in retirement, rampant consumerism, and poverty.BudgetingESPN1:15
All The Finance Advice You Need Should Fit On An Index cardFinancial planning may seem complicated, but it really isn't. All you need to know can fit on one index card.BudgetingPBS Newshour8:25
World's First Internet of Things BankMoney is all but invisible today, and it's easy to overspend. One bank has a solution.BudgetingIntelligent Enviornments1:58
'Top Chef' Tom Colicchio on America's Staggering Waste of FoodDo you throw away 25% of everything you produce? The country does it with food. Chef Tom Colicchio has a plan to end the wastage.BudgetingPBS News Hour4:40
Walmart to Offer GoBank Checking AccountA financial analyst explains why Walmart wants to be your bank.CheckingFox Business6:11
Mobile Check DepositBanks make it easy to make deposits through mobile apps. Here's one bank's process.CheckingFreedom CU1:50
Wells Fargo TV CommercialNo need to go to the bank. Dedicated apps allow you to deposit checks directly into your account with your phone. [commercial]CheckingWells Fargo0:30
3 Golden Rules for Lending to Friends and FamilyShould you loan money to a friend or family? Should they lend it to you?CheckingMoney Talks1:55
How to Balance Your CheckbookDo you know exactly how much money is in your checking account? Here's a brief tutorial on balancing your checkbook.CheckingHowcast1:51
Bank Fees Mean Big Bucks for Financial InstitutionsDo you have a checking account? Do you know what fees are attached to it?CheckingCBS News2:44
The Hub of All Financial TransactionsKeeping good records and knowing how to reconcile your checking account is the key to preventing overdrafts and penalties.CheckingMrKattan15:01
Credit vs. Debit: When Using a Check CardYou can usually run your bank card as a debit or credit. But what's the difference?CheckingMSU Federal Credit Union2:42
Fidelity Mobile Check DepositLearn how to deposit a check anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone. Just snap a photo of a check with your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device to make deposits directly into your account!CheckingFidelity Investments2:23
Credit and Debit: 2 Very Different CardsWhat's the difference between credit cards and debit cards? When do you use which? Find out in this video! Checking Better Money Habits8:10
Have You Ever Overdrafted?While checking accounts are the most widely used financial product in the United States, many do not fully understand their account's overdraft policies and fees. Watch this clip to see how people think overdraft practices should be changed.CheckingPew Trusts3:07
Safe Checking: Four Policy RecommendationsThere are many hidden risks inherent with checking accounts. Susan Weinstock discusses four policies that she believes will make accounts more fair to the consumer.CheckingPew Trusts1:43
Bank overdraft feesBelieve it or not, banks make billions of dollars a year from overdraft fees. Watch this video to help protect yourself from these costly fees.CheckingConsumer Reports2:02
What Alerts Should I Set Up For My Checking Account?Your bank may offer to send alerts to your phone, but which ones are best for you?CheckingRegions Bank1:19
Can Secured Credit Cards Help Rebuild Credit?No prior credit history or a bad credit score? A secured credit card may be an option to help you build up good credit.Credit CardsCardHub2:20
Checking and Credit Cards for TeensSome tips on the best way for young people to begin personal money management.Credit CardsWAVY4:33
Costly shift to new credit cards won't fix security issuesDo you have a "chipped" credit or debit card? Is it any safer?Credit CardsReuters1:34
Credit/Debit cards aimed at college students can carry high feesBe wary of campus credit cards. That introductory low-interest offer may be offset by some of the highest fees in the industry.Credit CardsWRAL2:02
How to Protect Your Credit Cards From Being HackedA risk manager at Visa offers some ways to protect your credit cards from being hacked.Credit CardsFox Business2:54
Millennials shy away from credit cardsAfter all of the warnings about using a credit card, you may have chosen to avoid using them entirely. That's not the best idea. Find out why.Credit CardsBankrate2:40
Pitfalls of Getting a Credit Card For a ChildA list of videos exploring credit cards, particularly when used by teens, as well as security features and practices.Credit CardsCBS1:15
Stop Charging & Start Saving (a classic rock parody)Learn how to use a credit card responsibly with this musical parody.Credit CardsFinancial Aid Unplugged - SUNY Cobleskill2:41
Which is safer? Apple Pay or credit cards?Is Apple Pay safer than a traditional credit card?Credit CardsDenver 7 News2:29
Your Credit Cards Say a Lot More About You Thank You ThinkEven without personal information, your metadata tells advertisers a great deal about who you are.Credit CardsWall Street Journal4:08
The Secret History of the Credit CardAn in-depth look at the credit card industry.Credit CardsPBS56:06:00
Credit Card BasicsAn explanation of how credit cards work and should be used.Credit CardsDollarWise6:47
Commercial: Citicards TreadmillMany credit cards offer consumer protection against purchasing faulty products. [commercial]Credit CardsCitibank0:30
Credit vs. Debit CardsDebit cards and credit cards work similarly, but offer different advantages. Which is right for you?Credit CardsBellco Credit Union2:20
Reading a Schumer BoxCredit card issuers are required to list key information to potential customers. This video explains how to interpret the terms.Credit CardsAdrienne Fowler4:29
Capital One - VisigothsCredit cards offer different interest rates and promotions. [commercial]Credit CardsCapital One1:01
Mastercard - the SimpsonsA credit card company uses pop culture to illustrate a long-running advertising campaign. [commercial]Credit CardsMastercard0:33
Benefits of Having a Credit CardWhat are some of the benefits of having a credit card? Several college students discuss.Credit CardsCreditcards.com1:48
Credit Card Debt ExplainedMaking minimum payments on credit card debt costs you much more in the long run. Here's why.Credit CardsKQED Education4:29
Students and Credit CardsCollege students talk about whether they have a credit card and, if so, what they use it for.Credit CardsCreditCards.com2:34
Teen Money ManagementA group of young people share what they spend their money on, and how often.Credit CardsLZXpress2:21
Credit Card Debt Explained With a Glass of WaterA glass of water illustrates the dangers of making only minimum payments on credit card debt.Credit CardsTotalDebtrelief3:24
Mastercard Priceless ElephantNew credit card purchasing technology. [commercial]Credit CardsMastercard1:07
Debit or credit? What's the difference?How is a debit card different from a credit card? One financial advisor explains.Credit CardsAsh Cash1:48
What's a Smart Credit Card?How do digital credit cards work?Credit CardsCNET2:54
How Does Credit Card APR Work?APR is a commonly used term in personal finance, so it is important to understand what it is and how it affects your money.Credit CardsMissBeHelpful2:53
AffluenzaThe catastrophic effects of "Keeping up with the Joneses."Credit CardsPBS56:00:00
Difference Between a Credit Report and ScoreWhat's the difference between your credit report and your credit score?Credit ScoresClean Slate Credit Solutions2:47
Fix Your Credit Report and Dispute ErrorsHow do you correct a mistake on your credit report? Here are the steps.Credit ScoresTransUnion1:38
John Oliver: Credit ReportsJohn Oliver examines credit reports, and their impact on your life.Credit ScoresLast Week Tonight18:45 RestaurantThere's only one place to get your free annual credit report: [commercial]Credit ScoresAnnualCreditReport.com0:49
Your Source for a Truly Free Credit ReportHow do you get your credit report? How much should it cost?Credit ScoresFederal Trade Commission1:49
What are Interest Rates?A simple explanation of how interest rates work.Credit ScoresWall Street Survivor2:16
How Does a Title Loan Work? Answers Are Here!How do you get a loan with bad or no credit? Some lenders offer Title Loans against your car. [commercial]Credit ScoresAuto Title Loans1:18 CommericialA funny commercial that shows how credit monitoring agencies can alert you to potential financial problems.Credit Scoresfreecreditreport.com0:30
Building Good Credit For College StudentsHow to build good credit as a college student. Learn some habits that will help you all of your life.Credit ScoresCBS4:06
FICO Announces New Credit Score Based on Alternative DataA new system of tabulating your credit score announced by FICO.Credit ScoresFox News4:20
More than 1 Million People Can’t Get a Bank AccountWhat should be done to ensure everyone has access to the banking system? A panel discusses.Credit ScoresNBC News5:11
No Credit? No ProblemNo Credit? No Problem! Sounds like a good deal for people struggling with financial problems, but is it really?Credit ScoresNew York Times5:54
Continuing Education: Understanding How a FICO Credit Score is DeterminedThese three digit numbers have a tremendous impact on your financial life. Learn how they are determined in this informative video.Credit ScoresEconlowdown5:59
Credit ScoreEveryone should know that your credit score is important in many ways. Watch this video for tips to keep yours high.Credit ScoresTime Inc.0:45
How Can College Students Build Credit?Are you a college student wondering how to improve your credit score? Credit Karma hits the streets of San Francisco to ask people for their tips and tricks.Credit ScoresCredit Karma1:24
Should You Blow Off Credit Card Debt? Are Credit Scores a Scam?A satirical video explores common misconceptions about credit card debt.Credit ScoresBusiness Insider2:06
What Your First Job Can Teach You About LifeIt may just be a summer job, or a part-time gig for extra cash, but your first job can be a big stepping stone to success.CareerHuffington Post4:39
Unique Resume IdeasHow do you get noticed in a crowded job market? Here are two examples of unusual techniques.CareerGeoBeats News1:20
Unique Resume Ideas Part 2Looking for a job in a creative field? Stand out with a creative resume, as in this example.CareerMichaël Vanderheeren1:50
What is a Resume?Do you know how to write a resume? Here are a few tips.CareerGrand Canyon University2:22
How To Write A Resume - Top 5 TipsDoes your resume impress hiring managers? Try these tips.CareerInterview Guys3:14
How To Write A Cover Letter - Top 5 TipsA good resume can land you the interview, but how do you make sure your resume gets seen? By having a great cover letter. Here are some tips.CareerInterview Guys2:40
How To Deal With Interview NervesIt's natural to be nervous at a job interview, but these few tips can make a big difference.CareerInterview Guys3:21
How NOT to InterviewIf you want to have a good job interview, just do the opposite of everything in this clip from the movie Step Brothers.CareerSony Pictures2:30
Analyzing a First InterviewFirst interview coming up? Getting there early is only the first step to making a good impression.CareerMichael Page3:01
How to Research a Company Before an InterviewDo you know who you're interviewing with? Several HR administrators stress the importance of researching any company you apply to work for.CareerCareer Builder1:15
The Dos and Don'ts of Informational InterviewsStudents often participate in informational interviews, where they speak with a professional in the field they are studying. This is a networking tool, and personal conduct and appearance is just as important as for a job interview.CareerSyracuse law4:10
Employers Ask Applicants to Open Facebook ProfilesPotential employers will check your social media accounts as part of the hiring process, but some are asking for login and password information to see what's hidden from public view.CareerABC Action news2:22
How to Negotiate Salary During a Job OfferIf a job offer doesn't come with the salary you'd hoped for, you need to know how to negotiate.CareereHow2:51
How to Survive Day One in Your New JobYou aced the interview and got the job. So how do you handle your first day in the new office?CareerMonster UK & Ireland2:11
Preparing a Self-Introduction (Elevator Pitch)Make the best first impression on recruiters with these tips.CareerOlinWCC4:07
How to Find and Do Work You LoveAre you doing what you love? A Tedx presenter offers tips on finding the perfect career.CareerTED17:57
How To Understand Your PaycheckWhy do you take home less money than you actually earn? This video teaches you how to read your paycheck.Careerworkforcestudios2:27
How to Navigate a Career FairDoes your school host career fairs? Here are three tips for making the most of this opportunity.CareerStanford Career Development Center1:41
How to Ask for a RaiseWe all want more money, but asking for a raise can be intimidating. Two career coaches give you the best strategies for negotiating with your boss.CareerMoneywatch4:10
How to Find a Job with No ExperienceApplying for your first job, but have no work history? Don't discount life experience and a good attitude.CareerSnagajob1:31
LinkedIn for Students: Your Career Starts HereHow do you move from College to a career? Social media networking can help.CareerLinkedIn1:34
Unemployment in America, Mapped Over TimeHave you ever wondered where unemployment affected people the most? This interesting graphic maps the unemployment rates since 1990 in America.CareerThe Big Picture1:04
Job Shadows and InternshipsJob shadowing is a useful way to get real life experience of a possible career. Watch this video to listen to these high school students' experiences.Careerworklearnconnect9:32
Job Shadowing TrainingWhat steps must be taken before a job shadow? Watch this video to find out.CareerHunter Reis5:00
What Should You Ask When You Job Shadow?When job shadowing, it is essential to ask the right questions. Peggy McKee gives her take.Career Peggy McKee1:19
Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you lovePeople often end up doing work that they do not enjoy to build their resume. Scott Dinsmore explains why you should find work that you enjoy instead.CareerTED17:47
High-End House FlipHouse flipping is all about finding potential where nobody else sees it. Watch what goes into flipping a high-end house. CareerTime Inc.1:52
Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication TechniquesEver get nervous in spontaneous speaking situations? Learn how to keep your anxiety at check and improve your improvised speaking.CareerStanford Graduate School of Business58:19
What is an Entrepreneur?In this video, you'll learn about what an entrepreneur is and the key characteristics and skills that a successful entrepreneur.EntrepreneurshipStudy.com5:44
10 Characteristics Of Successful EntrepreneursIn this video, you'll learn the 10 sucessful qualities of an entrepreneurEntrepreneurshipInvestopedia1:54
What is a Startup?In this video, you will learn about the difference between a startup and small business, which many people confuse as the sameEntrepreneurshipMill for Business2:08
What Are The Different States of Startup Fundraising?This video simplifies the complex stages to funding a startup into a short video.EntrepreneurshipOne Month1:01
The Ethical Dilemma of Self-Driving CarsHow should a self-driving car be programmed if it encounters an unavoidable accident? Patrick Lin navigates the murky ethics of self-driving cars.EthicsTED4:15
How to Make a Profit While Making a DifferenceAudrey Choi discusses how consumers can make a difference by investing in companies that champion sustainability and social values. EthicsTED12:34
Why Care About Identity Theft?Even if you don't have or use credit, that doesn't mean you're safe from identity theft.Financial PitfallsFTC1:17
How To Create a Strong PasswordPasswords are an essential part of life online - and if we're not careful about keeping them secret, they can cause big problems. By understanding the risks and making passwords stronger, we can feel a little more secure.
Financial PitfallsSafety in Canada3:30
How to Create a Strong PasswordHere are some tips on how to create a strong password. Financial PitfallsGoogle0:52
U-PAY-US: The Payday Lending ShowPayday loans are expensive and dangerous, as demonstrated in this video.Financial PitfallsU-PAY-US7:22
How to Know if an Email is RealA couple of ways to identify potential spam emails.Financial PitfallsGoogle1:01
Craigslist Car ScamLegal and financial liability can come from unlikely sources. This is one woman's story about a Craigslist scammer.Financial PitfallsCBS 53:14
John Oliver on Predatory LendingA humorous examination of the payday loan industry.Financial PitfallsLast Week Tonight16:31
Deceptive Credit AdsIt's important to monitor your credit rating, but read the fine print.Financial PitfallsCBS2:08
FDIC Song - Personal Finance Final ProjectThis parody song of "8 Days a Week" explains the origins of the FDIC.Financial PitfallsAnnie Roberts2:38
Left Behind by Banks, Poor Americans Pay More to BorrowIt costs more to be poor, but why? How? An author shares her findings.Financial PitfallsPBS Newshour3:34
Oklahoma Powerball CommercialA Powerball promotional spot that illustrates how your life can turn around. [commercial]Financial PitfallsOklahoma Powerball Commercial0:42
Thank you - New York Lottery TV Commercial AdMany states use lottery ticket sales to fund public education programs. [commercial]Financial PitfallsNew York Lottery0:30
Best Nike Find Your Greatness Commercial - The JoggerAn appeal to emotion is a popular advertising trick.Financial PitfallsNike1:02
1984 Apple's First Macintosh CommercialOne trick advertisers use is to suggest that "everyone is doing it." Others appeal to those that want to be different.Financial PitfallsApple0:59
Beyonce American Express CommercialAdvertisers like to use attractive people in their commercials so you'll want to be like them.Financial PitfallsAmerican Express1:02
Geico: Good ChoicesAdvertisers try to make you laugh so you'll feel good about using their products.Financial PitfallsGeico1:02
Nissan 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: With DadAdvertisers like to manipulate your emotions in order to get your money.Financial PitfallsNissan1:30
Pfizer: More Than MeditationAdvertisers like to manipulate your emotions in order to get your money.Financial PitfallsPfizer1:30
Super Bowl Commercial 2013 - OREO Cream CookieAdvertisers use humor to make you want to purchase their products.Financial PitfallsNabisco0:34
Science if PersuasionA short look at six fundmaental principles advertisers use to persuade you to spend money.Financial PitfallsInfluence At Work11:50
Phishing for FoolsA Nobel Prize-winner discusses how consumers are manipulated by companies and advertising.Financial PitfallsGoogle1 hour
Phishing for Phools | Robert Shiller | TEDxYaleHow companies exploit behavioral economic principles to get you to spend more.Financial PitfallsTED15:39
Guess Who's Using Payday Lending?Predatory lenders hope you won't get out of debt, despite what they claim. The general lack of financial knowledge keeps them in business.Financial PitfallsPBS Newshour8:26
Payday Loan Debt Traps ExplainedThinking of a payday loan for some quick cash? You may want to rethink it.Financial PitfallsThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau1:18
Slots' design tricks brain into thinking you've wonSlot machines use sounds and design to create the illusion of winning. This segment shows the addictive power of slot machines.
Financial PitfallsWBALTV2:18
Slot Machines: The Big GambleCan you become addicted to gambling? Watch how slot machines can act like a drug to those who play.Financial Pitfalls60 Minutes13:08
Identity Theft Victim Confronts CoupleAn identity theft victim shows CBS news how she found and confronted the people who stole her identity.Financial PitfallsCBS Los Angeles2:20
5 Ways to Avoid Credit Card FraudThis video provides 5 tips that may help you avoid a common form of identity theft, credit card fraud. Financial PitfallsESET2:02
Credit Cards Now Come with a Chip EmbeddedThis video provides more information about the newest development in identity theft prevention, chip-embedded credit cards. Financial PitfallsCNBC3:31
What is 2 Factor Authentication?This video provides more information on how two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to takeover your accounts. Financial PitfallsDuo Security1:59
How it takes just six seconds to hack a credit cardPeople often think hacking a credit card is a complicated process. It turns out, it is simpler than you might think.Financial PitfallsNewcastle University0:31
Why We Make Bad DecisionsDan Gilbert shares his insights on the mistakes we make when making decisions, including how to spend our money.Financial PitfallsTED33:32
Spent: Looking for ChangeMany of us take for granted the financial options available to us. Watch this video for an inside look into the lives of four people who are in need of a new source of financial hope.Financial PitfallsThe Young Turks39:57
The Debt Trap | The New York TimesA financial disaster can occur when you start to pay your bills with credit. Diane McLeod shows what happens when you make this costly mistake.Financial PitfallsThe New York Times7:28
Troubleshooters: Online Payment Typo Costs Family $19,388Paying bills online is fast and easy, but beware because a small typo could cost you big.Financial Pitfalls6 ABC3:58
How Do Deductibles and Copays Work?Depending on your health insurance, you may have a copay and/or a deductible, but what does that mean?InsuranceHumana2:38
How Does Health Insurance Work?How does health insurance actually work?InsuranceHumana2:13
Talking About RiskShould you even bother purchasing insurance? A group of students discusses different types of risk, and ways to minimize it.InsuranceScholastic2:33
Insurance Fraud: The $80 Billion Cost of LyingWhat could you do with $80 billion? That's how much is lost to insurance fraud every year.InsuranceInsuranceQuotes2:10
Understanding 5 Types of Car Insurance CoverageYou know you are required to have car insurance, but did you know there are five different types? Which type is best for you?InsuranceFirst Quote Insurance3:55
Insurance 101 - Renters InsuranceDo you rent a home or apartment? Who pays for replacing your stuff in the case of damage or theft?InsuranceCentral Insurance3:31
The Deposit Insurance Fund - How it WorksYou may have seen the "FDIC" label at your bank, but what does that mean to you?InsuranceFDIC3:39
Social Security: Just the FactsDespite alarming headlines, the Social Security program is funded, robust, and reliable. Get the facts here.InsuranceNASI3:45
Entrusting Portfolios to Robo AdvisorA new generation of investors is relying on algorithms instead of brokers to manage portfolios.InvestingYahoo Finance3:05
Can Robo Advisors Win Control?Is automated brokering a good idea? One analyst offers an opinion.InvestingCNBC1:45
How is this 17-year-old Hedge Fund Owner Investing?Most young people are new to personal financial responsibility. Meet a 17-year-old that runs a hedge fund. Would you invest?InvestingFox Business3:10
Lebron James Hits Up Buffett For Investment IdeasOne of the richest men in the world has easy advice for building financial security, as told to LeBron James.InvestingCNBC3:05
How Much Money Have Humans Created?How much money do humans create? This video puts the magnitude of the world's money in perspective.InvestingThe Money Project4:40
The Power of Diversification Diversification is a good thing. It's especially good as an investment strategy.InvestingE*TRADE2:53
The StreetHow does Wall Street impact your life? Find out.Investingwetheeconomy9:23
The Psychology of InvestingWhat are the qualities that make a person a good investor?InvestingBig Think2:13
Five Simple Steps Toward Financial FreedomHow do you build financial security? It starts with five simple steps.InvestingBet Interactive, LLC4:00
Wall Street Trader's NYSE TourWatch this video to see what a veteran Wall Street Trader does on the NYSE floor.InvestingBBC News3:10
Fidelity-Schwab Price WarBrokerage stocks are lower after Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab dive into a pricing war. CNBC's Mike Santoli has the details.
Why it makes sense to sell your stocksThe stock market is always changing. How should you react to it? One analyst shares his opinion.InvestingReuters1:18
Buffet's $1 Million Bet: Index Funds vs. Hedge FundsWarren Buffett made a $1 million bet in 2007: that hedge funds would not outperform index funds over the next 10 years. WSJ's Nicole Friedman checks the numbers and handicaps Buffett's chances of winning the bet on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.InvestingMarket Watch4:36
NYSE Exec Explains Twitter's IPO ProcessWhen a company makes an Initial Public Offering (IPO), what is the process on the floor of the stock exchange? This video provides one example.InvestingABC News2:28
4 Stocks, 4 Trades: Nike, Netflix, & MoreWhat do traders look at when evaluating stock performance? Four traders discuss four stocks.InvestingCNBC3:05
What 'Gangnam Style' can teach us about investingHow can viral videos affect stock prices?InvestingPBS Newshour8:23
Stocks Vs. BondsShould you invest in stocks or bonds? Why not both? What's the difference?InvestingInvestopedia1:55
What is a Stock Market Index?Ever wondered what a Stock Market Index really is? This video explains.InvestingWall Street Survivor1:44
How the Stock Exchange WorksWhy do companies sell stock?InvestingKurz Gegast3:33
The September Stock MarketSeptember is usually considered the worst time for the stock market, but why? And what can you do to minimize your risks?InvestingBankrate2:13
Index Funds vs. Actively Managed Mutual FundsInvesting can be tricky: should you choose index funds or actively-managed mutual funds? Two experts debate.InvestingKiplinger2:50
Broker Closes the SaleThe setup and delivery of high-pressure sales tactics are used in this scene from the movie Boiler Room.InvestingWarner Brothers Entertainment3:49
Saving, Investing, and SpeculatingThere are three major ways to grow your money; it all depends on your time horizon (when you need the money), and how much risk you're prepared to assume. So should you save, invest, or speculate?InvestingPinnacle Advisory Group2:49
How Bond Investing WorksNot only can you invest in stocks, but also bonds. What are the differences between the two?InvestingZions Direct3:59
Bond RatingsCompanies that issue bonds have a credit rating, too. Learn how to evaluate the risk of investing in bonds.InvestingZions Direct TV2:43
Treasury Bonds - What Investors Should KnowTreasury Bonds are practically the safest investment you can make, but why?InvestingLearn Bonds2:11
What is an IPO?So when a company announces an IPO, what does that mean?InvestingWall Street Survivor1:56
What is Inflation?For true financial security, your investments must outpace inflation. What's the best strategy?InvestingPinnacle Advisory Group2:37
How to Calculate Rate of ReturnAn easy formula to calculate the rate of return on investments.InvestingeHow2:03
The Formula for Making a Good College InvestmentDo you really need to attend college? Is it worth the cost? Three factors to consider before you go into debt.InvestingPBSTranscript
Video Resource: The Dinner PartyBecome knowledgeable about typical high-pressure sales tactics through this interactive video.InvestingCFTC.GOV2-3:00
Video Resource: The GraduationBecome knowledgable about typical high-pressure sales tactics through this interactive video.InvestingCFTC.GOV2-3:00
Video Resource: The BarbecueBecome knowledgable about typical high-pressure sales tactics through this interactive video.InvestingCFTC.GOV2-3:00
Some Neuroeconomics Tips For Improving Investment Decision MakingNeuroeconomics is a relatively new field that examines how the brain's natural processes affect financial decisions, and teaches investors how to compensate. This short video provides an introductory look.InvestingCFA Institute6:52
Can You Trust Your Financial Adviser? Labor Department Wants New RulesHave you thought about using a financial advisor, or have one already? Can you trust them?InvestingPBS Newshour5:22
Bernie Madoff : Scamming of AmericaIn 2008, 2.4 trillon dollars disappeared. Who was to blame?InvestingMLP Regal44:57:00
Sallie Krawcheck '92 on Investing: 'Keep It Simple'"Sallie Krawcheck runs an investment firm focused on serving women called Ellevest. She offers her advice to women in this short video.InvestingColumbia Business School 1:53
Sallie Krawcheck wants to close the 'gender investing gap'
Everyone has heard about the gender pay gap, but have you heard of the gender investing gap? Learn how Sallie Krawcheck plans to tap into an untapped market in investing.
Young People Sell Future Earnings to Investors
All startups need capital to get off the ground, but what if you could invest in people themselves? Find out how investors are now investing in human potential.
How to buy happiness
Money can't buy happiness, but then again you might just be spending it in the wrong place.
The Retirement Gamble$10 trillion is invested in retirement savings, but will it actually be there when we need it?InvestingFrontline52:00:00
Thrown for a LossWatch this video to see how an NFL financial adviser took a risk that did not pay off and ended up losing the players millions.Investing60 Minutes14:00
What Are Boiler Room Sales Tactics?You will, at some point, be faced with high-pressure sales tactics, as these clips from the movie Boiler Room illustrate.InvestingBoiler Room2:21
What Preet Banerjee Would Tell His Younger Self About InvestingWhere should young people start investing? One personal finance expert has a tip.InvestingGlobe and Mail1:52
DLTV: What is FinTech?Billions of dollars are being invested in new financial technology companies. How does this trend affect banks, businesses, and you?InvestingDigital Leaders5:32
Kobe Bryant: No Greater Feeling Than Helping Entrepreneurs
How does a 5 time NBA champion leave a legacy? Kobe Bryant says investing in entrepreneurs is how he wants to leave a mark on the future.
4 Simple Rules of Investing4 simple rules of investing!InvestingMarginal Revolution University
Investment Products Explained in 1 MinuteTo new investors, terms like GICS, bonds, and stocks can be confusing. Watch this video to better understand these investing terms.InvestingYoung Guys Finance3:54
Can You Beat the Market?Many believe that they know the secret to beating the stock market. But does anyone truly have the upper hand? Watch this video to find out.InvestingMR University6:07
Millennials are investing for retirement the wrong wayAn alarming 40% of millennials believe that cash and savings accounts are the best investment for their future. Learn why millennials are missing out on long term profit.InvestingUSA Today0:43
10 Golden Rules of Personal Finance10 good general rules for financial healthInvesting/Savingshistoryclassroom1:36
What is a credit report and what does it contain?A brief explanation of what your credit report contains and how it is used by lenders.Managing CreditExperian UK1:07
Prepare to Make Borrowing DecisionsThis video provides key things to teach a teen before they borrow moneyManaging CreditBetter Money Habits3:33
Snowball Approach to Paying Off DebtDoes your debt seem insurmountable? Here's a simple technique that can help eliminate it.Managing CreditMoney Talks2:03
What Goes into FICO Scores?Lenders use FICO scores to help determine your eligibility for credit. Watch this video for five key categories that factor into the calculation.Managing CreditFICO2:08
Equal Credit Opportunity ActLearn what information creditors are allowed to ask for but cannot use when deciding to accept or deny your application for credit.Managing CreditNCF Credit Repair1:25
How to Calculate Your Net WorthOne of the basic calculations that you should be able to do is figuring out your Net Worth. Once you can do that, you can start to monitor it over time to help see how well you are managing your finances.Managing CreditMoney School2:48
An Argument for Not Paying Your DebtsBlogger and investor James Altucher talks about why he thinks credit scores are a scam andneed destruction.Managing CreditBusiness Insider2:06
Default: The Student Loan DocumentaryA documentary on the effect of carrying large student loan debt.Paying For CollegeDefault Movie26:41:00
Good Question: Can you Borrow Too Much Money For Your Education? When it comes to student loans, how much is too much?Paying For CollegeCBS Minnesota2:19
Ivory Tower: DocumentaryIs student debt worth the education it paid for? A new documentary examines the cost of higher education.Paying For CollegePBS8:46
One Trillion Dollars, Student Debt and Higher Education: Greg Gottesman at TEDxSeattleThe current model of paying for higher education may be unsustainable. A TEDx speaker examines alternatives.Paying For CollegeTEDxSeattle12:25
Scholarslip: A documentary about the student debt crisisA documentary exploring five critical issues regarding student loans and the increasing debt burden.Paying For CollegeJAT Productions26:46:00
Student Loans: More Debt, More Defaults, More ProblemsA look at the impact of unprecedented student loan debt.Paying For CollegePBS8:27
How I Paid Off My Student LoansOne former student shares her strategy for paying off student debt.Paying for CollegeTIAA-CREF Financial Services2:19
Responsible BorrowingLoans are a great way to help pay for college, but there are responsibilities involved.Paying for CollegeFederal Student Aid2:19
Voices of Debt: Don't Major in DebtA discussion from students about student loan debt which, nationwide, equals more than one trillion dollars.Paying For CollegeThe Field10:56
What Happens If You Don't Pay Off Your Student LoansChances are, you'll need a loan to pay for college, but what happens if you can't pay it back?Paying For CollegeTest Tube3:04
What to Expect: Student Loan Forbearance and DefermentWatch this video to learn the difference between student loan deferments and a forbearance?Paying for CollegeGreat Lakes2:37
Delinquency & DefaultWhat's the difference between a delinquent student loan, and one that is in default? What are your options?Paying for CollegeSallie Mae3:52
Bankrupt at 23: College Grad's Financial RuinMany college students have a credit card, but it can be a dangerous trap.Paying for CollegeHuffington Post3:30
The Student Loan Crisis: Don't Major in DebtA call for action over Student Loan Debt, from the students affected by it.Paying for CollegeMichael Port10:57
OPTIONAL | A Private Student Loan Primer Student loans are available from private lenders as well as the federal government, but are more restrictive with repayment options.Paying for CollegeWall Street Journal3:28
2013 Grads: Student Loans Affect Job Hunting and MoreStudent loans are a good way to pay for college, but the responsibility of paying them back affects your future.Paying for CollegeCBS News3:54
Where Is The Student Loan Crisis Happening?You may have heard of a Student Loan Crisis, but what are the actual numbers?Paying for CollegeBrookings Institution2:29
Photographer: Getty Images This Is How Badly We're Managing Our Student Debt
Student debt can be even more difficult to pay off than other debts. Watch the video to understand the process of declaring bankruptcy because of the student law.
Paying for CollegeBloomberg14:40
Supplement: PBS Looks Into The Student Loan ProblemPBS examines the behind-the-scenes practices of some student loan companies.Paying for CollegePBS25 hours
Lawsuit Filed Against Company for Overcharging & Promising Student Loan ForgivenessBeware of companies that claim they can get your student loans forgiven.Paying for CollegeValley News0:44
Full-Rides Make Education AffordableEven the most selective schools can be affordable with student financial aid packages.Paying for CollegeStanford3:22
6 Ways to Build Credit on CampusWhat's the best way to start building a good credit history as a student? This video offers several tips.Paying for CollegeBankrate1:57
Finding College ScholarshipsStudent loans aren't the only way to pay for college. There are scholarships for almost everything.Paying for CollegeMoney Talks1:54
College Students Struggle with Money ManagementMoney management is a skill that should be developed early, or you could face a situation similar to these college students.Paying for CollegeNikki Muller4:23
Student Voices: How To Pay for CollegeA video discussing the ways students can pay for college.Paying for CollegeCollege.gov0:56
Student Stories - How to Pay: SalmaaA video discussing the ways students can pay for college.Paying for CollegeCollege.gov0:39
Student Stories - How to Pay: LoriceA video discussing the ways students can pay for college.Paying for CollegeCollege.gov0:36
Student Stories - How to Pay: SarahA video discussing the ways students can pay for college.Paying for CollegeCollege.gov0:52
What I Learned From College: BrandonPart of the college experience is challenging opinions and views. One student discusses an eye-opening encounter with a professor.Paying for CollegeCollegeBoard1:24
What I Learned From College: Mo'Nique A young college student compares high school and college, and discusses meeting her responsibilities and becoming independent.Paying for CollegeCollege Board0:40
What I Learned From College: CharlindaThe college years aren't just about future employment, they're also about growing socially.Paying for CollegeCollegeBoard0:44
FAFSA OverviewAn introduction to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).Paying for CollegeFederal Student Aid2:32
FAFSA HoorayLearn about the FAFSA process for getting student loans in this rap video.Paying for CollegeElka 1314:21
Supplemental | The 2014-2015 FAFSA DemoA step by step guide on applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).Paying for CollegeEducationQuest5:04
What is FAFSA & how does it work?Getting ready to go to college? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step.Paying for CollegeStep Up Utah1:43
Private Student Loans: A Guide To Proper Use of Private College LoansPrivate Student Loans are becoming more and more popular due to the rising tuition costs. Watch this video to better understand how to use these types of loans to pay for college. Paying for CollegeeStudentLoan3:52
Our Student Debt Anxiety Explained in One VideoShould we be scared of the 1.3 trillion dollar student debt in America? Watch the video to see what the experts think.Paying For CollegePBS3:20
Personal Finance by Missouri State UniversityA free personal finance course offered by Missouri State University. Eight simple video lessons examine the basics.Personal FinanceMissouri State University150:00:00
What Was Considered Good Financial Advice in the 1940s & 50s?A collection of finance videos from the 1940s & 50s!Personal FinanceCollection
Financial Markets with Robert ShillerYale professor Robert Shiller gives a deep look at the history and context of the theory of finance.Personal FinanceYale University31 hours
The Pedestrian Crossing ExperimentA surprising study indicates that people driving expensive cars are more likely to break traffic laws.Personal Finance/Behavioral FinanceBBC2:12
Bethlehem senior class gives trip money to principal battling cancerSometimes the best thing to do with your money is to help someone else, as this story shows.PhilanthropyWMUR2:06
How to Be A PhilanthropistThis video explains how an ordinary person can become a philanthropist through a character named "James".PhilanthropyGlobal Philanthropy Group3:19
America's Worst CharitiesSee how the worst charities in America spend their money in this video by Reveal.PhilanthropyReveal1:59
Lebron Donates $40 millionA video about a real life case, Lebron James, practicing philanthropyPhilanthropyMoney Talks2:02
Charity Scams: How to Tell If It's LegitThis video provides tips to help you tell if a solicitation is legitPhilanthropyABC 91:55
The Mistakes We Make When Giving to CharityShould you give your money or your time to charity? Watch this video to learn about effective philanthropic methods.PhilanthropyThe Wall Street Journal5:29
The Way We Think About Charity is Dead WrongIn his TED Talk, Dan Pallotta discusses the double standards in the philanthropy space and how we need to change the way we think about giving. PhilanthropyTED18:47
EXTENSION | WWE Fatherhood PSAsAn article about WWE stars participating in public service announcements concerning being an involved father.Public Service AnnouncementNational Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse0:31
No Kid HungryA public service announcement combating child hunger.Public Service AnnouncementNo Kid Hungry0:32
How to Make a PSAIs there a topic you feel passionately about? Want to get others involved? Simple steps to create a Public Service Announcement.Public Service AnnouncementGirl Scouts Texas Oklahoma Plains2:08
Not AcceptableA public service announcement in which various minorities speak about offensive labels.Public Service AnnouncementEndtheRword0:30
Tobacco KillsA public service announcement focused on tobacco use that answers the question of how many people die from tobacco use each day.Public Service Announcementthetruth1:04
Federal Reserve Bank PSA Contest 1st Place WinnerA public service announcement illustrating the consequences of using credit cards irresponsibly.Public Service AnnouncementEstela Melendez, Christian Guinanzaca, Byron Guinanzaca0:30
Regions Online BankingA series of video tutorials on using Regions Online Banking services.SavingsRegion0:38
Don't eat the marshmallow!What's the number one rule for personal financial success? Don't eat the marshmallow.SavingsTechnology, Entertainment, Design5:54
Ally Bank Commercial - Would you like a Pony?Banks offer many money management services. [commercial]SavingsAlly Bank0:30
S&T Bank Commercial: Jerome Bettis and SYNC Online Many banks offer online financial management tools. [commercial]SavingsS&T Bank0:31
Savings Has Its BenefitsA short, simple story on the benefits of saving money.SavingsDavid Kramer, Sahraya Ramirez1:02
Important Financial Advice for Young PeopleTwo Wall Street experts offer their best financial advice to young people.SavingsWealthfront1:57
401K Commercial401K programs are a great way to set aside money for your retirement, but they can be hard to understand. Many financial companies can help. [commercial]SavingsSchwab0:32
Saving for Tomorrow, TomorrowYou know you need to save, but how often do you say you'll do it "later?" A TEDx presenter examines ways to change that behavior.SavingsTED17:46
What is a Target Date Fund?How do you choose the right mix in your retirement investment plan? Maybe a Target Date Fund is right for you.SavingsBlackRock1:15
The Rule of 72Learn this very simple rule to calculate how long it will take to double an investment at various interest rates.SavingsDarden MBA4:26
What is compound interest?Want to earn free money? You want compound interest.SavingsThe Great Courses3:09
Financial GoalsYou probably want more money, but why? Do you have specific financial goals in mind? This video explores some common goals.SavingsOSU Extension2:05
Types of Savings AccountsYou know you should save money, but which of the three types of savings accounts is best for you?SavingsDialaanTV3:54
Ally Bank Commercial - Would You Like a Pony?Ally Bank's commercial: Would You Like a Pony?SavingsAlly Bank0:29
What’s the Difference Between Checking and Savings? Kal Penn ExplainsHave you ever found yourself trying to write a check from your savings account, or wondering why your checking account isn't collecting interest? Kal Penn is here to help clear up any confusion.
Inflation and its Effect on Your SavingsInflation is simply a measure of how prices are increasing. But the problem is as prices rise, the amount you can buy with your money decreases. So unless the returns you are receiving on your savings is above inflation then the spending power of your savings is being reduced.SavingsZurich Private Capital2:06
Compound Interest ExplainedCompound interest is often called one of the most powerful concepts in finance. Find out what it is and how it can work for you.
Making simple changes to your spending can be an easy way to help you start saving. Learn how to save money on everyday expenses like groceries, transportation and entertainment.SavingsBank of America3:50
Automatic Savings or Manually Save?Some people like to set up a direct deposit while others like to manually transfer their money into their savings account. The video explains the difference. SavingsBankrate2:05
Health Savings Account OverviewQualifying contributions, whether they are made by you or your employer, are not taxable to you, and investment growth is not taxed while it is in the account. Distributions are not taxable as long as they are spent on eligible healthcare expenses incurred after the HSA was established.SavingsConnectYourCare4:20
Planning for Retirement in Your 20sDecisions you make now will have a direct impact on your financial well-being several years down the road. While each decade of your career is important for your retirement, your 20s present the greatest number of opportunities.SavingsCBS News1:47
3 Things You Need to Know About an Emergency FundLife is full of surprises, and building an emergency fund can help you better prepare for whatever comes your way. Watch this video to learn more about starting your emergency savings today. SavingsFidelity Investments1:42
Living Paycheck to PaycheckHalf of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. This news station explores what life is like living paycheck to paycheck. SavingsWTHR2:10
Don’t Eat the Marshmallow!In this short talk from TED U, Joachim de Posada shares a landmark experiment on delayed gratification — and how it can predict future success. With priceless video of kids trying their hardest not to eat the marshmallow.SavingsTED5:58
How Much Should I Save? Kal Penn ExplainsThe road to saving starts with knowing how and when to set money aside. And you can never save too much or start too early.SavingsMashable3:22
The Difference Between Saving and InvestingThere are many difference between saving and investing . Franklin Templeton Investments explore the differences in this video. SavingsFranklin Templeton Investments1:54
America's Savings CrisisFind out what happened when we asked Americans if they are currently saving for retirement. SavingsMorningstar, Inc.4:57
What is Wealth?Paddy Hirsch explains what wealth is. SavingsPaddy Hirsch 1:42
Mr. Greenspan On The Importance Of SavingsWhat can saving money really do for you?SavingsAlan Greenspan3:06
What is a 401(k)?Your employer may offer a 401(k). What is that?SavingsWall Street Survivor2:36
Compare Bank AccountsHow do you choose a bank for your checking and savings accounts? #1: Make a list.SavingsFederal Trade Comission1:31
Cary Police Looking for Credit Card Cloning SuspectSkimmers, cloners, and double-swipers. Be aware of common ways thieves try to compromise your cards.ScamsABC112:15
Credit Card Skimmers Found at ATMs at Park Meadow MallThieves can install "skimmers" on ATMs to steal your money. It's important to monitor your accounts closely.ScamsKDVR2:05
Police Find More Victims in Dunkin Donuts Credit Card SchemeA news story reporting on one way your card information can be stolen.ScamsWFMZ1:58
Police Warn of Credit Card Breaches at Local Car WashOne of the more prevalent methods of stealing credit card information is by cloning, as this news story illustrates.ScamsNews102:59
Entering and Editing Data
Next Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to enter and edit data, including: entering data, making corrections, and using copy/cut/paste. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.
SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance4:47
Spreadsheets: Using the SUM FunctionNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to use the sum function including: sums of columns/rows, manually typing a sum function, copying/pasting sum functions. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.
SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance4:34
Spreadsheets: Commonly Used FunctionsNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to use commonly used functions including: averages, medians, and the count function. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.
SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance3:49
Spreadsheets: Equations with Relative Cell ReferencesNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to make equations with relative cells including: adding multiple cells, finding the differences between two cells, dividing cells, and finding percentages. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.
SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance5:52
Spreadsheets: Equations with Absolute Cell ReferencesNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to use equations with absolute cell references including: writing basic equations using cell references, using $ for absolute references, multiplication, using copy/paste with equations, and checking your spreadsheet for accuracy. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance5:57
Spreadsheets: Formatting Columns & RowsNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to format columns and rows including: inserting/deleting, re-sizing, and shading. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance3:42
Spreadsheets: Formatting NumbersNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to format numbers including: decimals to percentages, currency, increasing/decreasing decimal places. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance2:23
Spreadsheets: Formatting Text within A CellNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to format text within a cell including: bolding words, centering, wrapping text, vertical alignment, and text rotation. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance2:38
Spreadsheets: Conditional FormattingNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to conditionally format. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance3:27
Spreadsheets: Formatting Your Entire SpreadsheetNext Gen Personal Finance offers brief video tutorials on how to complete a wide variety of basic functions using Google spreadsheets. In this specific how-to video for spreadsheets, we show users how to format the entire spreadsheet including: merging cells, adding borders, shading cells, and making a title. To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance4:17
Spreadsheets: Creating a Multi Line GraphIn this video we demonstrate how to make a multi-line graph in Google Spreadsheets. It is specifically useful for our lesson 7.4 project "5 Stocks on Your Birthday." To view a list of NGPF's Spreadsheets Activities, click here.SpreadsheetsNext Gen Personal Finance4:32
Why Use Microsoft ExcelSpreadsheet programs are easy to use for household budgeting. SpreadsheetseHow Technology2:02
How to Use the SUM functionA basic tutorial on using the SUM formula in Excel.Spreadsheets5 Minute Guide5:20
Formulas Used in ExcelIt's the most basic formula in a spreadsheet, and extremely important to your household accounting.SpreadsheetsExpert Village3:02
Do Federal Taxes Reduce Income Inequality?Everyone pays taxes, but do they affect income inequality at all?TaxesBrookings Institution3:06
Tax Facts (How Much Do You Know About Tax Day?)In this month's Gen Money segment, we hit the streets of NYC to talk to teens about how much they know about Tax Day and filing taxes.TaxesDemetrius Pipkin4:17
Taxation NationA brief look at the tax system, its history, benefits, and problems.Taxeswetheeconomy
Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go?What do our tax dollars actually pay for? How does the government decide who gets what?Taxeswetheeconomy
If Paychecks Could TalkYou probably know that taxes are taken out of your paycheck, but what does the government actually do with the money?TaxesNationalPriorities3:16
Teens & Taxes W-4When you start a new job, you must fill out a W4. Why?TaxesDOR Media1:48
Teens & Taxes W-2So you got your first real job, and your first real W2. W2? What the heck is that?TaxesDOR Media1:01
Ways to File Your TaxesHow should you file your taxes? A professional tax preparer compares three different methods.TaxesManilla1:57
Super BowlEver wonder how much an NFL player takes home from winning the Super Bowl? You might be surprised by how taxes play a part in their take home pay.TaxesTime Inc.1:19
The Story of TaxA simple explanation of the history of taxation and what services are paid for through it.TaxesTax Super and You1:55
Banking Explained - Money and CreditA brief history of the banking industry, as well as a look at alternative systems.Types of CreditKurzgesagt – In a Nutshell6:09
A Brief History of Credit CardsHow credit cards moved from personal, local benefits to worldwide acceptance.Types of CreditOrange Motion Design3:26
What is Credit? Loans, Mortgages and Overdrafts ExplainedYou know you need good credit, but did you know these four different ways to borrow?Types of CreditCapital One2:38
Loan BasicsDifferent loans suit different needs, but they have similar characteristics.Types of CreditAffinity CU3:51
Understanding How Loan Payments WorkA breakdown of how loan payments are structured, and options to save money in the long run.Types of CreditFox 4 Kansas City2:49
How Do Loans and Debt Work?Using debt responsibly is an important life skill. Get the basics here.Types of CreditBetter Money Habits3:51
Federal Student Loans vs. Private Student LoansNeed a loan for college? What's the difference between Federal and Private loans?Types of CreditCentsible Student1:29
The Different Types of Federal Student LoansThere are different types of federal student loans. Learn the differences in this video.Types of CreditCentsible Student1:39
Consolidating Student LoansOne option of dealing with multiple student loans is to consolidate them. What does that mean, and is it the right choice for you?Types of CreditBetter Money Habits4:49
How to Get the Best Auto LoanGetting a new car is fun and exciting, but can you afford it? Know the steps to getting the best financing available.Types of Creditnewcars.com5:24
Paying Your Car LoanMoney getting tight? Thinking about skipping your car payment? This video from the Federal Trade Commission explains the best options.Types of CreditFederal Trade Comission1:39
Loan vs. LeaseShould you lease your new car, or get a loan and buy it? The advantages of each are explained.Types of Creditnewcars.com4:29
Payment: What to ExpectMost college students have to get loans to attend school, but how does the repayment process work?Types of CreditUS Department of Education2:21
Students and Credit CardsCollege students talk about whether they have a credit card and, if so, what they use it for.Types of CreditCreditCards.com2:33
DollarWise Summer Youth Campaign - Module 4A brief look at the different types of credit cards, and how to use them responsibly.Types of CreditDollarWise6:48
What is a Balance Transfer?One way to consolidate credit card debt is through balance transfers. This video explains the process, benefits, and potential risks.Types of CreditFinder.com1:21
Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select, 'Boat'An example of credit card marketing techniques. Types of CreditCiti Aadvantage0:30
FCCU: Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Commercial 2015Many credit cards offer reward points for usage, which can be redeemed for airline travel and other goods. [commercial]Types of CreditVisa0:31
Luxury Card MasterCard Gold CardWatch this commercial to get an example of how a luxury credit card is marketed.
Types of CreditLuxury Card0:30
First Florida Bank - Credit Card CommercialWhen you get a credit card, you want to make sure it's a card you can trust. Watch this commercial to see how the trust aspect of banking is marketed to prospective credit card shoppers. Types of CreditCopperwing Design0:30
How to Maximize Your Credit Card RewardsIf you use a rewards credit card, make sure it's the right one for your lifestyle. This short video offers a few tips on maximizing rewards.Types of CreditCredit.com1:08
Secured Cards: Frequently Asked QuestionsYou can build or repair your credit through the use of a secured credit card. Find out how it works.Types of CreditCardHub5:46
Mortgage BasicsPaying off a mortgage early can save substantial amounts of money. This video provides a brief explanation.Types of CreditInvestopedia1:48
What is Mortgage Amortization?How much of your house payment goes to interest, and how much to principal? The amortization schedule will tell you.Types of CreditChase1:21
Understanding Adjustable Rate MortgagesLooking at home mortgages? An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) may be a good choice for you.Types of CreditQuicken Loans1:41
What is a Home Equity Loan?You may have seen ads for Home Equity Loans, but what is equity? How does this type of loan work?Types of CreditDiscover2:03
Understanding Home Buying: The Mortgage ProcessLooking to buy a home? Here are the first steps to take.Types of CreditQuicken Loans1:29
Behavioral Finance for Everyday InvestorsGolf’s dreaded water hazard has a lesson for investors.InvestingFranklin Templeton Investments2:21
Buffett's $1 Million Bet: Index Funds vs. Hedge FundsWarren Buffett made a $1 million bet in 2007: that hedge funds would not outperform index funds over the next 10 yearsInvestingMarketWatch4:36
Credit Reports to Exclude Certain Negative Information, Boosting FICO ScoresThe new FICO Score rules exclude certain types of negative information, increasing many credit scoresManaging CreditWall Street Journal3:47
Barbara O'Neill Video ListBarbara O'Neill, a lecturer at Rutgers University, provided us with her curated list of helpful personal finance videos Various Sources
Why we crave what's coolIn studying the brain, economists have found that when we consume products from status brands, it actually gives us a way to create social networks, friendships, alliancesBudgetingPBS8:10
Private Student Loans: A Guide to Proper Use of Private College LoansThis video is to help explain when (and why) a student should consider a private student loan and the various factors and features that should be considered.Paying for CollegeeStudentLoan
Bank overdraft feesBanks are raking in billions of dollars a year charging customers for overdrafts. Here's a guide to how a consumer should protect themself.CheckingConsumer Reports2:02
Financial Literacy: Mellody Hobson at TedxMidwestMellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments, delivers an energetic, thought provoking "Talk" that inspires the audience to determine their own financial destiny. Coming from a not so stable home environment, Hobson's ascension in the academic and business worlds offers a clear example of what's possible when one decides to want more for themselves in life.Personal FinanceTEDxYouth16:03
One Life-Changing Class You Never Took: Alexa von Tobel at TEDxWallStreetAlexa von Tobel is the founder and CEO of which she has been developing and growing since 2006. LearnVest is the leading personal finance and lifestyle website that brings financial literacy to women. von Tobel discusses the importance of teaching financial ability to K-12 students. Financial PitfallsTEDx Talks11:28
The battle between your present and future selfEvery day, we make decisions that have good or bad consequences for our future selves. (Can I skip flossing just this one time?) Daniel Goldstein makes tools that help us imagine ourselves over time, so that we make smart choices for Future Us.Behavioral FinanceTED Salon New York15:59
Keeping a Budget: "Your Thrift Habits" 1948 Coronet Instructional FilmsA funny short film made in 1948 explores key personal finance terms and teaches how to stick to a budget. BudgetingLibrary of Congress10:34
5 Big Money Mistakes MissBeHelpful her own personal experiences and offers five personal finance mistakes that many young people make.Financial PitfallsMissBeHelpful6:05
Fine-Tooning Your RetirementCartoonist Emily Flake and Fidelity Investments give a New York chef a clear picture of retirement.SavingFidelity Investments2:07
Fine-Tooning Your RetirementCartoonist Emily Flake and Fidelity Investments give a New York lawyer a clear picture of retirement. SavingFidelity Investments2:41
Fine-Tooning Your Retirement - Robert and CharlotteCartoonist Emily Flake and Fidelity Investments give a New York couple a clear picture of retirement.
SavingFidelity Investments2:43
How Money is Made & PrintedA documentary on how the money is created and stored from start to finishMiscellaneous Travel Channel42:07
America's Saving CrisisFind out what happened when Morningstar asked Americans if they are currently saving for retirement. SavingMorningstar4:57
Tax Facts (How Much Do You Know About Tax Day)In this Gen Money segment, two guys hit the streets hit the streets of NYC to talk to teens about how much they know about Tax Day and filing taxes.TaxesGeneration Money4:17
Pay Day 101: Direct DepositLearn about the the benefits of direct deposit and how it to make it work for you in this video. CheckingYoung Illinois Saves3:48
How Does a Checking Account Work?Personal finance guru explains how checking accounts work. CheckingAsh Cash1:48
HSBC Mobile Banking App PromoAn ad by HSBC UK explaining the benefits of using their mobile banking app.CheckingHSBC UK0:50
AZ Federal Mobile Solutions: Apple PayAn ad by AZ Federal Bank explaining the benefits of using their mobile banking app.CheckingTru Advertising, LLC0:30
PNC Online Banking TV Spot: "Cupcakes"An ad by PNC Online Bank explaining the benefits of using their mobile banking app.CheckingiSpot.tv0:31
How I learned to read and trade stocks in prison As an incarcerated individual, Caroll knows the power of a dollar. While in prison, he taught himself how to read and trade stocks, and now he shares a simple, powerful message: we all need to be more savvy with our money.
Personal FinanceTED11:03

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