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Next Gen Personal Finance offers a free online curriculum of 65+ complete lessons and 100+ standalone activities you can access from anywhere. Here, you can preview all our lessons and activities and easily access them on the Gooru platform.



Types of Credit

Managing Credit

Paying for College



Financial Pitfalls






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Our Method: The Four C’s

help-picture“HELP! I spend hours and hours searching for great resources, and often I can’t find what I’m looking for!”

lightbulbWe know how frustrating and exhausting it can be to find great resources. That’s why we spend hundreds of hours combing the internet for the best articles, videos, activities, interactive simulations and more.

help-picture“HELP! Even after I find great resources, it takes so much time to figure out how to organize them into an engaging and informative lesson!”

lightbulbFinding the resource is only half the battle. We know you need to find a place for it in your lesson plan, create discussion questions and checks for understanding, and format it to fit your class structure.

help-picture“HELP! So many of the resources I find are great, but they’re already outdated after a few years!”

lightbulbDepositing checks on your phone. Apple Pay. Person-to-Person online payments. Like many industries, personal finance changes rapidly. At NGPF, we’re always finding new resources, creating new activities and keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations and research. We update our blog with 5-10 posts a week, providing lesson ideas and questions of the day so you can keep your class current and relevant.

help-picture“HELP! I hate having to stick to one, scripted curriculum. I want the flexibility to bring in resources from different places!”

lightbulbWe know that you can’t teach at your best when you feel boxed in by the materials you’ve been given. That’s why NGPF lessons are easily customizable, and we encourage the “use what you want” approach. Whether you need an entire lesson with objectives and assessments built in, or are just looking for an exciting activity to spice up your existing lesson, NGPF can help!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NGPF Free?

We believe that all young people deserve a free, high quality education that provides them with the skills to thrive financially. All of the content you see on our website and the professional development services that we offer are FREE and ALWAYS WILL BE.The founder of NGPF is committed to funding the operations of NGPF and has developed an endowment to accomplish this goal. The life skills that personal finance education provides is too important to leave to budgetary whims or fickle funding sources.

What is Gooru? Why do I get sent there to view lessons and activities?

Our mission at NGPF is to connect educators and their students with fantastic resources. Building a custom platform to host all those resources would require hiring a large, expensive engineering team; we’d rather spend our resources developing great content.

We’ve partnered with Gooru Learning because they share our belief that educators are not customers of education technology, they’re creators. They offer a free platform to host our curriculum so we can continue to provide it freely to our community. Just like us, Gooru will not provide any information to third parties without your permission.