22May, 2017

Chart: How Has Household Debt Grown Since the Great Recession?

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The answer might surprise you:

22May, 2017

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Micro-Lending Aficionado, Kristen Goggin of Town School For Boys (San Francisco, CA)

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I enjoyed my recent conversation with Kristen Goggin, a 6th grade math teacher at the Town School for Boys in San Francisco, California. Laura Matchett, our director of teacher engagement, “discovered” Kristen who had penned an article about the innovative approach she used in her classroom to develop students who think globally. Find out how she uses the micro-lending website, Kiva, as the centerpiece for her unit that develops entrepreneurial skills as well as empathy for entrepreneurs in other countries (did I mention math skills, too?). Her students use profits that they generate from their own companies to provide loans to start-ups thousands of miles away. Listen to this podcast and find creative ideas that you can use in your classroom too! Enjoy!

  • 0:00~0:58 – Introduction
  • 0:58~2:28 – What Kristen does during her free time
  • 2:28~3:37 – Kristen’s day job
  • 3:37~6:52 – Micro-lending project
  • 6:52~16:35 – How the project works
  • 16:35~19:05 – Business ideas developed by students
21May, 2017

What I’m Reading This Weekend

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Catching up on my reading this week perusing personal finance articles, blogs, newsletters. Here’s what looks interesting:

  • Dan Kadlec in Right About Money uses the recent ransomware hack to make the point (confirmed by research) that the financially astute are often more prone to falling for financial scams.
21May, 2017

Careers of the Future! A Guest Post from Andrea Stemper

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Andrea Stemper’s one of our NGPF Fellows who integrates personal finance into her economics classes (but not for long — she’s also advocating at her district to make personal finance its own elective course, which we’d LOVE to see happen). Adept at integrating financial capability into econ, Andrea’s written in with this suggestion for a lesson on job prospects and supply & demand:

18May, 2017

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Teacher-Innovator Todd Gragg (Midwest City HS, Oklahoma)

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I had a great conversation with NGPF Teacher-Innovator Award winner, Todd Gragg, who discussed his award-winning project, “The Great Depression Game.” Despite being a relatively new teacher, Todd has already demonstrated his passionate advocacy for financial education through his involvement with the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education and Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition.  In this podcast, you will learn more about his “Great Depression Game,” a cross-curricular activity that helps students experience the Great Depression through the lens of family budgets.  Enjoy!
18May, 2017

Question: What Impact Has Education Had On Wages of Young People Over Past 50 Years?

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Neat interactive from Flowing Data demonstrating the importance of education when it comes to income for young people (18-34):

Students can toggle between 1966 and 2016 to see how the median as well as the dispersion of wages changes over this fifty year period.


17May, 2017

Question: What Happened To Snapchat (The Investment)?

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Investors loved the IPO (shares shot up from IPO price of $17 to $29 at one point on the first day of trading) but when it came time to announce their first quarterly results as a public company, well….I will let the chart from YahooFinance do the talking:

Ben Carlson, a blogger, titled a recent blog post on this disappointment: A Good Lesson For Millennial Investors. So, what did it teach them?

17May, 2017

Question: Who Are The Top Earners From The Class of 2017?

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From Korn Ferry International, the highest paying fields among the 25 they analyzed were:

As in years past, those entering Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers can expect to garner the best starting salaries. The five highest-paying fields of the 25 jobs in the analysis include:

  • Software Developer $65,232 (31 percent above average)
  • Engineer $63,036 (27 percent above average)
  • Actuary $59,212 (19 percent above average)
  • Scientist/researcher $58,733 (18 percent above average)
  • Environmental Professional $56,660 (14 percent above average)

Wondering what the average was for the Class of 2017?

16May, 2017

This Hack Will Make You Wanna Cry…How Can You Protect Yourself?

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Here’s the latest on the global ransomware attack (“Wanna Cry” variant) that started on Friday (from NPR):

A ransomware attack that began in Europe on Friday is lingering — and hitting new targets in Japan and China. The WannaCry software has locked thousands of computers in more than 150 countries. Users are confronted with a screen demanding a $300 payment to restore their files.

The cyberattack has hit more than 300,000 computers, White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said at Monday’s midday White House briefing. He added that the rate of infection has slowed over the weekend.

Here’s a few videos to help bring this subject to life:

16May, 2017

Chart: How Has The Job Market Changed Over the Past 100 Years?

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From Quartz:

Questions (Note: Students should also read the Quartz article which will help in answering the questions):

15May, 2017

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Wealthfront Co-Founder and CEO, Andy Rachleff

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Thanks to Andy Rachleff for this great conversation on the NGPF podcast recently. To say Andy has had an amazing career is an understatement. To name just a few of his roles: Founder of a premier venture capital firm (Benchmark), successful venture capitalist, sought after entrepreneurship instructor (Stanford Graduate School of Business) and currently a co-founder and CEO of a financial services disrupter (Wealthfront). Andy shares the insights he has gained over his illustrious career as well as the reasons he is so passionate about Wealthfront’s mission to democratize investing. Listen to this podcast to not only learn more about what makes a successful start-up but also the origin story behind Wealthfront and how automated investing is disrupting the investment management business. Enjoy!


15May, 2017

Interactive: Which Tech Giant Would You Drop?

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Here’s a fun and quick interactive from NY Times to get your students thinking about the pervasiveness of technology companies in their lives. Students are forced to rank order the importance of the top five tech companies in their lives by selecting the order by which they would give them up (if forced by an evil monarch:) The five companies: Alphabet (Google is one of their subsidiaries), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft (interesting that three start with the letter “A”).