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Press Release: Announcing 2016 Next Gen Personal Finance Teacher Innovator Award Winners

Palo Alto, CA –May 2, 2016 — Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), a non-profit with a mission to provide a free personal finance education to all young people, is pleased to announce the winners of it’s Second Annual NGPF Teacher Innovator Award.  This award recognizes outstanding teachers who have developed their own projects and activities to engage and educate their students. NGPF received dozens of innovative and creative project submissions from high school and college educators. These projects were judged based on criteria including creativity, skill development and ease with which other teachers can bring into their classroom.  Each of the winners in the Best Activity/Project category will be receiving $1,000 from NGPF and will appear in an upcoming NGPF podcast to discuss their projects:

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NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks to Credit Card Guru, Sean McQuay

July 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Credit cards reign as one of the most ubiquitous financial products for consumers. Yet, they are often still not well understand by cardholders and non-cardholders alike. To bring some clarity to the credit card world, I was fortunate to have Nerd Wallet’s credit card guru, Sean McQuay, join me on this NGPF podcast to help answer such questions as: Why are those 0% APR offers so prevalent? Why can’t you find out the interest rate on your new credit card until it arrives in the mail? What credit card has the best awards program? What’s a secured credit card and how can it help a young person establish a credit history? I hope that you enjoy this entertaining conversation with Sean! Details:

Mini-Activity: Evaluating Credit Card Rewards Programs

July 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Thanks to Sean McQuay of NerdWallet for a great conversation yesterday about credit cards. Look for it posted to NGPF Podcasts next week. He was discussing one of the cards he reviews which gave me an idea for a mini-activity in which students think about how best to redeem credit card rewards.  The card in question, the Citi DoubleCash Card, has the following terms: Discover Citi’s best cash back credit card. The Citi Double Cash card is a cash back card that rewards you with cash back TWICE with 1% unlimited on purchases + 1% as you pay for those purchases. Learn why this has become one of Citi’s top cash back credit cards. What Sean found attractive about this card was the fact it offers 2% cash back (1% on purchases and 1% on payments for those purchases) and it has no limits. This  makes it quite a bit simpler than those reward programs that offer different cash back percentages based on the spending category and often have limits also. Here’s an ad that includes details about the cards and provides a sense of the marketing pitch: 

Are Farms and Homes A Good Investment Opportunity?

July 21st, 2016|0 Comments

Answer: Not so much. From Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller at New York Times:


“By connecting personal finance to students’ daily lives, Next Gen Personal Finance hit home the message that making good financial decisions is critical to success in college and in life.”
Chris Bischof, Principal and Founder of Eastside College Prep

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June & July Flash Survey: Spreadsheets!

Personal Finance and spreadsheets go together like peanut butter and jelly, but not all teachers have time or resources to fit spreadsheet activities into their curriculum. We’d love to know how proficient you and your students are with spreadsheets, how often you integrate them into the curriculum (if at all), and what makes spreadsheets challenging.

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April/May Survey Results: Do Personal Finance Standards Matter in Your Classroom?

Ah… standards… Some teachers love them (“They’re integral in framing the learning!”). Some teachers are a tad bit cooler (It’s not the official wording that matters but that students learn the skills!”) In this Flash Survey, we focused on standards and got some great results. Read on…


Upcoming Events

01 Aug, 2016

Financial Education Boot Camp 2016: North NJ

NGPF returns for a second year to this annual workshop facilitated by Dr. Barbara O’Neill of Rutgers Cooperative Extension. This year’s event is titled “Financial Current Events: Making the Real World “Real” to Students” and promises to engage NJ teachers in creative ways to teach personal finance via creative lesson plans, online resources, and technology tools. NGPF will be presenting a one-hour workshop, which promises to be engaging and interactive for all teachers in attendance. NGPF is also a partial sponsor of this event and will participate in the NJ South event as well on 8/4.

08 Oct, 2016

Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference

NGPF is proud to offer its first workshop at the 55th Annual CEE Conference, this year hosted in Phoenix, AZ. We will present “Utilize NGPF for Curriculum & Teacher Development,” and educators will complete an interactive, technology driven personal finance activity that simulates the experience their students could have using our NGPF resources. NGPF is also an exhibitor, so we hope to see you in our session and in the vendor hall. Click here for more information on our workshop and the conference.