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NGPF Application Tips For Summer Institute 2017!

We are excited to start the process for the Summer Institute 2017. Last year, we planned to invite SIX applicants for NGPF’s Inaugural Summer Institute. However, due to an incredible response of qualified candidates, we selected TWELVE! In that same spirit, we have even better news this year! Due to the success of last year’s Institute, we have decided to increase our investment and host TWO Summer Institute sessions – which means 24 outstanding educators will be joining us in Palo Alto this summer!

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What Do You Say When You Only Have 90 Minutes To Talk Money With College Students?

February 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

I had a great time at Paul Smith’s College (Paul Smiths, NY) earlier this week meeting with about 40 students to answer their questions about money. Thanks to President Dove, Jill Susice and Terry Lindsay for organizing the event and giving me a great opportunity to engage with your students. They were actively involved in the conversation and shared some great money management ideas that they are using in their lives. Planning for this talk forced me to get to the essence of what I felt was most important when it comes to money management for a college student. Rather than talk at the students I wanted them to be involved too.  I eventually settled on setting up some pollinq questions on PollEverywhere with a few slides prepared also to make key points. In terms of topics to cover, I thought I would tackle budgets, saving and checking accounts, credit scores and credit reports, credit cards, investing and student loans. A lot to cover in 90 minutes but I only had one shot…I hoped for active student participation and I was not disappointed. I started by asking students what they hoped to get out of the workshop to help me figure out where to focus my time. Here’s a smattering of what they wanted to know (via Poll Everywhere):

Chart: How Have World Stock Markets Changed Over The Past 100 Years?

February 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Interesting graphic from a Credit Suisse report comparing the relative size of stock markets in 1899 vs. 2016 (great for a history course): Questions to ask:

Question: Who Has The Best Cell Phone Plan?

February 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

We know your students love their smartphones. How about putting that obsession to use by having them read this article from the NY Times “Picking a New Phone Plan? Here Are Your Best Bets?” As the article notes, every few months the carriers update their pricing models (check out our earlier posts on the topic here and here): Shopping for a phone plan can be as daunting as picking a health insurance package. The rates and options constantly change, and it feels impossible to make simple comparisons between carriers. Case in point: The best phone plans we recommended a year and a half ago are now obsolete because the wireless carriers have completely changed their offerings. The article goes on to highlight the “best plans” for different types of users: Single User, Single Power User, Average Couple, Power Couple, Family of Four, Occasional Traveler. Here are some ideas on how you can structure this as an activity for students to discuss with their parents or guardians (copied from an earlier post):


“By connecting personal finance to students’ daily lives, Next Gen Personal Finance hit home the message that making good financial decisions is critical to success in college and in life.”
Chris Bischof, Principal and Founder of Eastside College Prep

Upcoming Webinar

28 Feb, 2017

Teach Investing in Two Hours

NGPF is on a quest to develop a perfect two-hour lesson that teaches students what they need to know to invest practically and successfully for their retirements. Having tested our lesson at two different schools in Northern California, we’re ready to share our two-hour investing class with you.

Attend this webinar and you WILL:
(1) Gain access to all the resources you need to teach investing in two hours
(2) Hear inside tips from Tim AND Jessica (2 hosts for this webinar) on teaching the lesson live
(3) Be able to ask real-time questions
(4) Receive a certificate for one hour of professional development credit.

Space is limited so please register for this webinar today.

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Flash Survey Results! Differentiation

Differentiation.  You know the word, you hear the buzz, but what are other educators doing? We surveyed many educators to find out how they incorporate differentiation into their personal finance lessons. Some key findings from our survey: 61% of survey respondents reported that they plan lessons incorporating differentiation at least one per week Activities, assessments and reading texts were the most commonly identified resources for differentiation  80% of survey respondents reported that they had limited time to plan for differentiation


Upcoming Events

07 Apr, 2017

Massachusetts Business Educators Association

NGPF returns to this annual conference facilitated by MBEA. This annual conference promises to engage teachers in creative ways to teach personal finance via creative lesson plans, online resources, and technology tools. NGPF will be presenting a one-hour workshop, which will provide engaging and interactive resources and lesson ideas for all teachers in attendance. 

12 Apr, 2017

2017 Financial Literacy Summit

Visa Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago celebrate their 11-year partnership co-hosting the Financial Literacy Summit. The 2017 program focuses on globally expanding equal access to financial education. The Summit will provide panelists with an opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions to improve financial literacy resources for people worldwide. The event convenes senior international financial education experts from governments, the financial services industry, NGOs, the news media and academia.

28 Apr, 2017

Fostering Financial Education in Maine Schools Conference

The Fostering Financial Education in Maine Schools Conferences draws educators together to discuss, learn about and consider financial education strategies. Teachers have the opportunity to listen to keynote presentations and attend breakout sessions focusing on areas of interest.  NGPF will be presenting a one-hour workshop, which will provide engaging and interactive resources and lesson ideas for all teachers in attendance. 

25 Jun, 2017

NGPF Summer Institute Session 1

NGPF is hosting our Summer Institute – 2.5 days of professional development at our Palo Alto, CA office. Here’s what you can expect from our Summer Institute:


  • All expenses paid, including transportation, hotel accommodations, all meals, and a few fun events around town
  • Meaningful, relevant workshops from NGPF staff as well as a special guest presenter
  • An opportunity to network with eleven other passionate, dedicated, innovative personal finance teachers from around the country
  • A school-year commitment of serving as an NGPF Fellow, sharing your expertise with our nationwide community
  • A lot of hard work and a lot of fun!