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Thanks to LaTisha Styles for joining the NGPF podcast. We had a great conversation about a variety of topics from the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey as founder of Young Finances to providing ideas (and resources) on how to explain taxes and investing to young people. Listen to this podcast to hear about LaTisha’s educational pivot and how her college experiences can be instructive about factors for your students to consider when selecting a college major. She provides excellent tips to educators, including the importance of storytelling to engage students. Finally, as founder of Young Finances, her success can serve as an inspiration to young women who might have the desire in the future to pursue the entrepreneurial path. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~1:09 – Introduction
  • 1:09~2:50 – Background
  • 2:50-5:19 – How LaTisha reinvented herself by going back to school to study finance
  • 5:19~7:41 – Factors to consider when deciding on a college major
  • 7:41~11:09 – Are entrepreneurs born or can it be learned?
  • 11:09~13:30 – Moments of self doubt in the entrepreneur’s journey
  • 13:30~16:02 – Importance of investing while you are young
  • 16:02~20:22 – Stocks versus index funds
  • 20:22~22:17 – Millennials and investing
  • 22:17~22:40 – Word from our sponsor, Next Gen Personal Finance
  • 22:17~24:49 – Ultimate tax guide
  • 24:49~29:22 – Hacking your student loans
  • 29:22~32:26 – Personal finance blind spots
  • 32:26~34:24 – Teaching personal finance in an hour
  • 34:24~36:00 – Motivational speaking
  • 36:00~37:30 – The Venn diagram
  • 37:30~39:24 – Her message to female entrepreneurs
  • 39:24~40:18 – Parting words for educators
  • 40:18~41:23 – Conclusion
Notable Quotes:
  • “If you continue to stay focused in what you need to do and the things you need to get done in order to see success, you don’t have to be distracted by the thoughts and doubts that come in”
  • “Personal finance is difficult because you don’t really care about it until you have to care about it and that’s one of the biggest drawbacks”