You never know where you might meet your next podcast guest. I met Andrei at his dealership recently (that’s an Audi in the background). We had a good conversation and he told me how passionate he was about financial literacy (he want as far as to ask how he could get access to our site). I sensed his enthusiasm and his perceptiveness and thought he would be great on a podcast and boy was I RIGHT. Andrei will share with you some insider tips on buying a car, describe the psychology behind the hundreds of car purchases that he has closed and explain how a bad credit score can really hurt you when it comes to car loans. You will also learn about the special breed of car buyers known as “super grinders.” It isn’t pleasant. For your students considering sales as a career, he describes the skills needed to succeed in this Darwinian profession. Enjoy the conversation! I certainly did!


  • 0:00~1:09 – Introduction
  • 1:09~1:26 – Andrei’s job
  • 1:26~5:41 – Early money lessons
  • 5:41~10:09 – Early money mistakes
  • 10:09~15:01 – Skills necessary to succeed in sales
  • 15:01~17:33 – How not to internalize failure
  • 17:33~21:50 – Consumer psychology behind a car purchase
  • 21:50~26:10 – Negotiating prices
  • 26:10~26:28 – A word from our sponsor, Next Gen Personal Finance
  • 26:28~28:05 – Insider tips in buying a car
  • 28:05~30:55 – Buyers who negotiate online
  • 30:55~ 35:10- Credit scores and interest rates
  • 35:10~36:50 – Comparison shopping and what makes a “nice customer”
  • 35:50~38:19 – Dealing with super grinders and liars
  • 38:19~40:12 – Stocks or index funds
  • 40:12~44:55 – Right amount of student debt
  • 44:55~46:44 – People driving cars or autonomous vehicles
  • 46:44~47:57 – Conclusion
  • “If you internalize failure and you think its part of you and you can’t see the difference between yourself and your situation, you will not succeed in a commission only environment.”


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