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Thanks to Colleen Poynton and Alex Davidov of Core Innovation Capital for recently appearing on the NGPF podcast. As venture capitalists, Colleen and Alex invest in promising early-stage companies in the financial services sector. As such, they have a front row seat to the innovative companies disrupting the status quo and changing the way we pay, we borrow and we invest (to name just a few). Colleen and Alex also provided insights into the changing nature of work (aka “the gig economy) and what young people need to do to thrive in this new environment. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~1:12 – Introduction
  • 1:12~4:47 – Colleen and Alex describe their day jobs
  • 4:47~8:45 – What makes a venture capitalist successful?
  • 8:45~10:26 – Where does the money come from that venture capitalists invest?
  • 10:26~15:36 – Economics and venture capitalism
  • 15:36~18:55 –   Advice for people who want to start a business (“budding entrepreneurs”)
  • 18:55~28:33 – Trends in financial technology (“fintech”)
  • 28:33~30:56 – Discussing how one of their companies, Honest Dollar, was acquired and the rationale for that acquisition
  • 30:56~35:06 – Apps for young people
  • 35:06~40:15 – How do fintech companies protect user information (“the security questions”)
  • 40:15~44:05 – What apps do they use in their financial lives?
  • 44:05~48:45 – Advice to navigate the new world of employment
  • 48:45~49:43 – Conclusion
Resources mentioned:
Notable quotes:
  • “Have a strong point of view but as new data and new information presents itself, be open minded and flexible.”
  • “No one really wants to save money, they would rather spend money, so every way that can keep us from that (spending) is good.”