Thanks to Lisa Bender, Personal Finance educator at Southern Garrett High School in Oakland, Maryland for recently joining the NGPF podcast to discuss her focus on developing college and career readiness skills in her students.

Lisa shares her insights from her 29-year teaching career (which includes a Financial Literacy Teacher of the Year Award in 2014) and discusses:

  • The strategy she utilized to get personal finance added to her school’s curriculum
  • How she uses the career experiences of recent alumni as motivation for her students
  • How she used grants to outfit a spare classroom to teach her students valuable interviewing skills
  • What factors students should consider when figuring out how much debt they will need to take on

Resources mentioned:


0:00~0:56: Intro
0:56~2:55 : Background on Southern Garrett High School
2:55~6:45 : Lisa’s Background
6:45~10:30 : How did you get Personal Finance added to your school’s curriculum?
10:30~14:47 : Any sense where students get information about paying for college?
14:47~20:31 : How much student debt is too much?
20:31~23:56 : What do you think are important skills to develop “career readiness” in your students?
23:56~29:02 : Tell us about your “Boardroom”
29:02~32:33  : How do your students prepare for the interviews/ teleconference?
32:33~35:07 : Final Thoughts
35:07~ : Outro