Thanks to Barbara O’Neill of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Program for joining me recently on the NGPF podcast show. Barbara has had an amazing career serving as educator, researcher, writer, trainer and I am sure that I am leaving stuff out! Most recently, she used her networking prowess to place NJ atop the standings in the NGPF Q&A Forum Challenge and has appeared as a Featured Teacher in the NGPF Blog and also received an award from NGPF.

Here is Barbara’s life work, in her own words:

In my 37 years with Rutgers Cooperative Extension, I have taught almost 30,000 adults. I’ve taught my undergraduate Personal Finance course for juniors and seniors at Rutgers University for 10 years and reached almost 200 students and helped make them “Money Smart.” I have also indirectly impacted thousands of New Jersey K-12 students by providing training for hundreds of teachers annually at our Financial Education Boot Camps that combine content and learning activities.

Listen to this podcast to hear Barbara’s insights on:

  • The differences between teaching adults and college students
  • What personal finance teachers need to be more confident instructors
  • Harnessing Twitter to expand your knowledge base and generate lesson ideas
  • The wonders of compound interest (her favorite personal finance subject!)
  • Her plan for improving financial education in this country


Resources mentioned:
Advantage Publications (Cardboard Calculator)
0:00~1:37 – Intro
1:37 ~3:20 – Background on Barbara
3:20~4:50 – A Student that benefited from Barbara
4:50~6:37 – Money Lessons you learned at a young age
6:37~7:46 – On Barbara’s Transition from talking to Adults to talking to Undergraduates
7:46~9:36  – Biggest Issues/Recurring Themes that Barbara saw in adults
9:36~10:58 – What do you say is the best way to repay debt?
10:58~13:56 – How can your Twitter help others?
13:56~19:13  – Barbara’s Bootcamps + What do teachers need/want to be more confident in the classroom
19:13~20:46 – How do you decide when you should put in new resources?
20:46~22:33 – Favorite Online Resources
22:33~28:07 – Topic you are most interesting in (Compound Interest)?
28:06~32:06 – How would you make the country financially literate?
32:06~34:28 – Why do you think teachers don’t have one set curriculum?
24:28~35:34 – Books/Movies Barbara Recommends?
35:34~36:14 – Outro