Data Crunch

Looking for the perfect chart, graph or data set for your students to analyze? 

NGPF Data Crunches teach your students key personal finance concepts while also honing their analytical skills.

What’s an NGPF Data Crunch?

  • Opens with a question to pique student interest
  • Uses data, charts and graphs with personal finance information
  • Has five questions of varying difficulty all on a one-page worksheet
  • Perfect for personal finance teachers (and the math teachers at your school will love them also!)
TitleData SourceUnit
How Do Young Adults Protect Their Online Privacy?Pew Research CenterFinancial Pitfalls (#1)
What Are The Most Common Credit Card Fees?Consumer Financial Protection BureauTypes of Credit (#1)
Which Colleges Have The Best Return on Investment?Payscale, Inc.Paying for College (#1)
How “Credit Stressed” Are U.S. Consumers?Federal Reserve Bank of NYManaging Credit (#1)
How “Financially Prepared” Are Americans?NeighborWorks America SurveySaving (#1)
Who Has Credit Cards (By Age Range)?U.S. Census BureauTypes of Credit (#2)
Whose Data Is Being Stolen in the U.S.?ITRCFinancial Pitfalls (#2)
How Prevalent Are Payment Cards With Security Chips?SquareTypes of Credit (#3)
What Are The Trends in Non-Cash Payments?Federal Reserve Payments StudyChecking (#1)
What Are FICO Score Trends?Fair Isaac CorporationManaging Credit (#2)
What Interest Rate Do Consumers Pay On Their Credit Cards?National Public RadioTypes of Credit (#4)
How Much Have Student Loans Grown In Past Decade?Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Dept. of EducationPaying for College (#7)
What Percentage of College Students Graduate With Debt?EdvisorsPaying for College (#2)
How We Pay For Stuff: Debit, Credit or Prepaid?BankrateChecking (#2)
What’s The Relationship Between Education and Unemployment?U.S. Labor DepartmentCareer (#1)
What’s The Value of A College Major?Georgetown UniversityPaying for College (#3)
Battle of the Sexes: Who Saves More?Vanguard GroupSaving (#2)
What’s The Difference Between Investing and Gambling?LMFM AnalysisInvesting (#1)
What Have Stock Market Returns Been Over the Past Ninety Years?Big Picture BlogInvesting (#2)
What Percentage of U.S. Households Own Homes?U.S. Census BureauTypes of Credit (#5)
Are Stocks A Risky Long-Term Investment?Wisdom Tree Asset ManagementInvesting (#3)
Who Has Most Trouble Paying Off Student Loans?NY Fed/EquifaxPaying for College (#4)
What Does The Average Household Spend Money On?Bureau of Labor StatisticsBudgeting (#1)
Why Do Millenials Switch Checking Accounts?The Financial BrandChecking (#3)
Why Should You Invest When You Are Young?Business InsiderInvesting (#4)
Why Are Young People Saving Less?Moody's Analytics, Federal ReserveSaving (#3)
Which Late Bills Tend to Show Up Most Frequently on Credit Reports?Consumer Financial Protection BureauManaging Credit (#3)
What’s Been The Best Investment Since 1926?Ibbotson AssociatesInvesting (#5)
How Is The Middle Class Spending Their Money?Bureau of Labor StatisticsBudgeting (#2)
Why Do Millennials Fear Stocks?Wall Street Journal AnalysisInvesting (#6)
What's the Value of a College Degree?Pew Research CenterPaying for College (#5)
How Many Teenagers File Taxes?Tax FoundationTaxes (#1)
What's The Average College Budget?Business InsiderPaying for College (#6)
How Do Credit Utilization Rates Vary by Credit Score?CFPBManaging Credit (#4)
What Are Trends with US Credit Card Debt?Get Rich SlowlyTypes of Credit (#6)
How Much Does Credit Card Debt Vary by Age?Federal Reserve Bank of BostonTypes of Credit (#7)
How Often Do You Check Your Credit Score or Report?Credit.comManaging Credit (#5)
When Should You Start Saving?American FundsSaving (#4)
What Percentage of College Students Have a Credit Card?Sallie MaeTypes of Credit (#8)
How Safe Are Mobile Banking and Payments?Radical Personal FinanceChecking (#4)
How Do Consumers Access Their Checking Accounts?Javelin Strategy & ResearchChecking (#5)
Is it Easy to Get a Loan?New York Fed Survey of Consumer ExpectationsTypes of Credit (#9)
How Much Income Do You Need to be Rich?Gallup PollBudgeting (#3)
How Much Does Your Credit Score Impact Your Interest Rate?FICO.comManaging Credit (#6)
What Is the Average Credit Score by Age?Credit KarmaManaging Credit (#7)
How Has the Average Investor Done Over the Past 20 Years?Richard Bernstein AdvisorsInvesting (#7)
What Are the Current Federal Tax Brackets?Internal Revenue ServiceTaxes (#2)
What Is the U.S. Savings Rate?US Bureau of Economic AnalysisSaving (#5)
What Are Trends with Checking Account Fees?MoneyRates.comChecking (#6)
How Much Do Auto Insurance Rates Vary by Age?Value PenguinInsurance (#1)
What Is the Frequency and Severity of Auto Insurance Claims?ISQInsurance (#2)
How Has Teen Spending Changed Over the Past 10 Years?Business InsiderBudgeting (#4)
How Does Teen Spending Differ from Adults?Piper JaffrayBudgeting (#5)
How Prevalent Is Financial Fraud?Experian Data Breach ResolutionFinancial Pitfalls (#3)
How Often Do Payday Loan Borrowers Use Them in a Year?Consumer Protection Financial BureauFinancial Pitfalls (#4)
What Are Trends with Summer Jobs?Center for Immigration StudiesCareer (#2)
Where Are Teens and Young Adults Working?US Bureau of Labor StatisticsCareer (#3)
How Much Do You Expect to Get from Your Tax Return?CreditDonkey.comTaxes (#3)
How Does the Cost of Health Insurance Premiums Vary by Age?Value PenguinInsurance (#3)
How Much Does Your Checking Account Cost Your Bank?Novantas LLCChecking (#7)
How Have Prices For Consumer Goods Changed Over the Past 20 Years?BLSBudgeting (#6)
What Do College Grads Want Most in a Job?QuartzCareer (#4)
Where Do Households Go When They Need $2,000?BloombergFinancial Pitfalls (#5)
Why Should You Start Saving at a Young Age?Business InsiderSaving (#6)
When Do People File Their Tax Returns?FiveThirtyEightTaxes (#4)