The NGPF Team is always scouring the web for videos to add to our Video Library. Here are the latest that the team has uncovered:

Pay Day 101: Direct Deposit (from Young Illinois Saves), duration of 3:48, provides a good description of how direct deposit works from the perspective of young adults:


  • In your own words, what is Direct Deposit?
  • How can you set up Direct Deposit?
  • Is Direct Deposit safe?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Which of the benefits of Direct Deposit means the most to you?


American’s Saving Crisis (Morningstar), duration of 4:57, uses an interview format to talk to people, young and old, about saving for retirement. Good opportunity for students to react to advice that is given from a variety of sources.


  • What are the reasons that people give for NOT saving for retirement?
  • What do people think will help them manage their finances better?
  • Where can you turn to get financial information?
  • What can motivate you to save for retirement?
  • What comment left you with the biggest impression?


5 Big Money Mistakes I Wish I Never Made (Miss Be Helpful) (duration of 6:05)

How to use this video:

  • Hat tip to Jessica at NGPF for providing good way to use this video: For each point Yanely raises, have the students write a “tip to prevent that from happening to them” or teachers could assign students to go “in depth” on one of the concepts she mentions: net worth, annualized costs, cosigning a loan, how to use cash,
  • Do you disagree with her on any of the points she makes in the video?


For more ideas on videos that you can use to supplement your finance lessons, check out the NGPF Video Library with awesome search capabilities so you can quickly find what you are looking for.