• Warren Buffett’s Million Dollar Bet: Who’s Winning (from MarketWatch)?
    • What’s the bet?
    • What’s a hedge fund? What’s an index fund?
    • Who’s winning? Why?
    • Why should this matter to you as a regular investor? What’s the lesson?
  • Fee war breaks out on commissions to trade stocks (from CNBC):
    • How much are brokerage fees going down? Is this good news for investors?
    • Why do you think the online brokerage stocks are falling with this news?
    • Do you think investors will change brokers based on these cost reductions?

  • Sallie Krawcheck runs an investment firm focused on serving women called Ellevest. She offers her advice to women in this short video.
    • What is the difference between the way men and women invest?
    • Should investors wait until they know all the definitions to invest? Why or why not?
    • When she says “Keep it Simple,” what does she mean?
    • What would be a type of investment that might be considered “simple?”


For more on the Warren Buffett bet and a great explainer about index funds, check out this Planet Money Podcast: Brilliant vs. Boring. We believe in simplicity too and that’s why we created this “Teach Investing in Two Hours” lesson!