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Summer Institute 2017!

In June 2016, NGPF hosted its Inaugural Summer Institute, 2.5 days of professional development at our Palo Alto, CA office. After a competitive application process, 12 teachers from around the country were selected. Due to the number of quality applications we received in 2016, we decided that in 2017 we will be hosting 2 Summer Institute Sessions – one in June and one in July!

Here’s what you can expect from each of the 2017 Summer Institute Sessions:

  • All expenses paid, including transportation, hotel accommodations, all meals, and a few fun events around town
  • Meaningful, relevant workshops from NGPF staff as well as a special guest presenter
  • An opportunity to network with eleven other passionate, dedicated, innovative personal finance teachers from around the country
  • A school-year commitment of serving as an NGPF Fellow, sharing your expertise with our nationwide community
  • A lot of hard work and a lot of fun!

Applications are now closed for Summer Institute 2017. 

Applications for the 2018 NGPF Summer Institute will be available in January of 2018. Sign-up to receive ‘Early Bird’ information now!

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Introducing NGPF’s Summer Institute 2017 Participants!

Session 1: June 2017

Brent Gostomski from Stevens Point Area Senior High School (Stevens Point, WI)
After five years of working in the business world,

Next Gen Personal Finance Announces 2017 NGPF Summer Institute Fellows

Next Gen Personal Finance is pleased to announce its 2017 class of NGPF Summer Institute Fellows. Due to the success of last year’s Institute, we increased our investment and will be hosting TWO Summer Institute sessions – which means 24 outstanding educators will be joining us in Palo Alto this summer! The Institute brings together a passionate and talented group of educators who will create new activities, curate resources, collaborate and deepen their content expertise in selected topics — and have a lot of FUN in the process!

Once again, we received an overwhelming number of applications for the Summer Institute, highlighting the hunger for quality professional development opportunities. To meet this need, NGPF is underwriting the cost for TEN FinCamps to be delivered throughout the U.S. in 2017. What’s a FinCamp? Check out the details (including a video) here. We currently have four FinCamps already on the calendar, so please contact Laura, our Director of Teacher Engagement at, if you are interested in learning more.

We are extremely pleased to announce The 2017 NGPF Summer Institute Fellows:

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks to NGPF Fellow Charles Kafoglis About His Four Principles to Teaching Personal Finance


Thanks to Charles Kafoglis of Incarnate Word in Houston, Texas for sharing his insights recently on the NGPF podcast. I got to know Charles through his participation in our Summer Institute in 2016. I saw firsthand his passion for financial education and have enjoyed our ongoing dialogue about different approaches to teaching investing. In this podcast, Charles shares the four key principles that serve as the foundation for his personal finance course as well as how his course ties into the leadership program at his high school. Finally, he will share how he sets the tone for his course early in the semester and the resources he relies upon to do that. Enjoy!


Teacher Submitted Question: What does being an “NGPF Fellow” entail?

Great question! If you’ve done any reading on our website, you may have noticed that last summer’s Inaugural Summer Institute participants became this academic year’s NGPF Fellows. Jill L from Wyoming wrote in to ask what exactly being an “NGPF Fellow” entails. The answer I gave Jill …

NGPF Application Tips For Summer Institute 2017!

We are excited to start the process for the Summer Institute 2017. Last year, we planned to invite SIX applicants for NGPF’s Inaugural Summer Institute. However, due to an incredible response of qualified candidates, we selected TWELVE! In that same spirit, we have even better news this year! Due to the success of last year’s Institute, we have decided to increase our investment and host TWO Summer Institute sessions – which means 24 outstanding educators will be joining us in Palo Alto this summer!

My Summer Institute Experience: A retrospective from NGPF Fellow Maureen Neuner

When you’re selected as an NGPF Summer Institute participant, you not only join us for 3 days in the summer but also commit to being an NGPF Fellow for the following school year. Fellows have a menu of actions they can complete to earn points, with the goal of earning 100 points by the end of the school year and receiving a stipend for their extra efforts. I can say, from our side, the Fellows have been instrumental this school year in shaping what NGPF does, so we love having them!

One of their menu options is generating a guest blog post for our NGPF site, and Maureen decided to write about her Summer Institute (and follow up) experience. Interested in applying? Maureen will likely convince you with the following: 

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To NGPF Fellow Laura Falk About Developing Career Readiness Skills


I had the pleasure of talking to educator Laura Falk recently on the NGPF podcast. Laura participated this summer in the inaugural NGPF Summer Institute and we met up again at the recent Jump$tart National Educator Conference. Laura has this infectious energy and passion for her work at Fairbanks High School in Milford Center, Ohio. In the podcast, Laura shares how she develops career readiness skills in her students through job shadowing, career exploration and a project-based learning method. She provides awesome examples of the power of developing partnerships in the local business community that go far beyond bringing guest speakers into the classroom. You will walk away with great ideas to bolster your career unit. Enjoy!


Maureen Neuner (NGPF Fellow) featured in the Beacon Times

Maureen’s been all over the news lately, this time featured in an article in her local newspaper, the Beacon Times, in Toms River, NJ. Reporter Julie Bonetti did an awesome write-up of Maureen’s time at our Inaugural Summer Institute.

Summer Institute 2016 Recap

In late June we hosted our very first Summer Institute for 2.5 days of professional development, networking, and fun in Palo Alto.

What did attendees like about it? Here are a few of their comments we heard:
  • “This has been the best PD in the 20 plus years of my teaching career. Nothing else comes even close.”
  • “Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I always try to be a better teacher for my students and I am taking away so many ideas, concepts, resources and contacts, I know I will be much better next year.”

Next Gen Personal Finance Announces Inaugural NGPF Summer Institute Fellows

Next Gen Personal Finance is pleased to announce its inaugural class of NGPF Summer Institute Fellows. The NGPF Summer Institute will be held from June 27-29th in Palo Alto, California. The Institute brings a passionate group of educators together to create a professional learning community that collaborates, shares resources and develops innovative and engaging projects over the course of the 2 1/2 day program.

We expanded the Fellows class from 6 to 12 based on the quantity and quality of applications that we received. To accommodate the overwhelming interest of teachers seeking professional development opportunities, we also plan to hold one day workshops throughout the US later this fall. Please contact me at if you are interested in organizing a group of 10-15 passionate educators in your area.

We are extremely pleased to announce The Inaugural NGPF Summer Institute Fellows:

Join Us For The Inaugural NGPF Summer Institute from June 27th to 29th in Palo Alto, CA

Join us for the first Annual NGPF Summer Institute to be held in Palo Alto, California (located 30 miles south of San Francisco) from June 27th to 29th, 2016.

What Can You Expect To Accomplish In Your 2 1/2 Days at The NGPFInstitute?

  • Engage in a professional learning community with outstanding peers in the field of personal finance education to improve your own resources
  • Learn the NGPF approach to creating engaging projects and compelling case studies; have the time and support necessary to create your own
  • Fill gaps in your content knowledge and your repertoire of student-friendly resources across three challenging topics
  • Collaborate, converse, learn, and grow with a highly selective group of personal finance educators from across the country

Why Should You Apply?