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Members of the NGPF community have already proven themselves to be amongst the most thoughtful, passionate, and innovative finance teachers out there. We are inspired to create an opportunity for you to collaborate directly with nationwide colleagues to further hone your craft.

Unfortunately, you’ve missed all of the PLC fun for this school year! We don’t typically run PLCs over the summer (quite hard to schedule around teacher vacations), but if you have a group of teachers who are passionate about meeting over the summer, get in touch with Jessica and we’ll set something up! Otherwise, you can use the button below to indicate you’re interested in participating next year, beginning as early as October 2017, and we’ll send you an email update when registration begins. Until then, enjoy your summer!

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Still not sure if a PLC is the right professional development option for you? Watch our webinar all about PLCs, featuring some of the teachers whose projects you can view below.

Teacher Activities from Previous PLCs 

The following teacher submissions are not meant to represent “perfect projects” but rather represent a CELEBRATION of teacher growth, collaboration, and passion for their profession. And, they’re awesome projects!

TeacherSchool                  City, StateDescriptionProject
Brian JohnsonForest Hills NorthernGrand Rapids, MIUnderstanding mutual funds is key, and Brian's activity has the students do online research about a fund of their choice. As a result of the PLC, his activity went from reporting basic facts to reporting the facts AND analyzing through a set of follow-up questions.Mutual Fund Research
Laura FalkFairbanks High SchoolMilford Center, OHLaura used an NGPF activity for inspiration and created this opportunity for students to research prospective colleges using the College Navigator tool. As a result of the PLC, her new worksheet layout enables a side-by-side-by-side comparison. Research Your Own College
Kayla BousumJohnston High SchoolJohnston, IAKayla's project teaches students the process for buying a new car by utilizing a lot of online tools and websites. By participating in the PLC, her project got a modern update for 2017, easy-to-ready formatting, and a few content upgrades. It's a really great project!Buying Your Own Car
Lynn AmeySouth Burlington High SchoolSouth Burlington, VTLynn distributes random profiles to her students, and in that role they choose a vehicle to purchase, working through the cost of financing, insurance, operating the vehicle, etc. It was a great assignment already, and she really refined it in the PLC. Buying a Vehicle

Buying a Vehicle, Scenarios
Maureen NeunerPinelands Regional Junior High SchoolLittle Egg Harbor, NJMaureen adapted and greatly expanded an NGPF activity to create a comprehensive packet of work on credit scores to use with her 9th graders. FICO Credit Scores
Jill LuceroEast High SchoolCheyenne, WYStudents read a series of vignettes and then use the calculators provided at to answer questions and make decisions.Using the Calculators
Jill LuceroEast High SchoolCheyenne, WYJill runs an impressive semester-long program linking student behaviors to dollar amounts and requiring them to keep a check book register to manage their funds. They can even invest their money!Classroom Incentives
Jill ThompsonKelly Walsh High SchoolCasper, WYJill's fortunate enough to have a great partnership with a local college, which is willing to have all her students visit their offices and conduct a mock interview. Even if you don't have a community partnership, her interview questions and score sheet could work in your classroom. Interview Questions

Interview Score Sheet
Amanda VolzSt. Clair High SchoolSt. Clair, MIStudent chooses a publicly traded company and their partner chooses a direct competitor. Then, it's up to each student to research their company and convince the class, via presentation, that theirs is the better investment. Company Competition