What does an extraordinary educator do during their one-year sabbatical away from the classroom? If you are Brian Page, star educator at Reading High School in Ohio, the answer is “a lot of things.” In his return visit to the NGPF podcast, Brian shares how he spent his year away from his beloved classroom. You will learn why he has come back to the classroom even more energized (which, for those of you who know Brian, is saying something) and eager to implement new ideas to engage his students. I encourage you to keep up with Brian on his Twitter feed @FinEdChat. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~2:25 – Introduction
  • 2:25~4:05 – Brian’s role at Budget Challenge
  • 4:05~8:57 – Instructional design/lessons
  • 8:57~10:13 – Finding scholarships
  • 10:13~11:55 – His creative process
  • 11:55~15:59 – A week in Brian’s class
  • 15:59~18:03 – Explaining the FAFSA
  • 18:03~19:04 – Teacher feedback to NGPF activities
  • 19:05~19:36 – A word from our sponsor, Next Gen Personal Finance
  • 19:36~27:56 – Importance of teacher professional development
  • 27:56~30:12 – Incentive for teachers to receive micro-credentials
  • 30:12~33:40 – Advocating for personal finance education
  • 33:40~34:42 – Experience at the Ohio House of Representatives
  • 34:42~35:39 – Reading list
  • 35:39~36:30 – Conclusion
  • “You can’t just budget money, you HAVE to budget money.”
  • “Advocating for personal finance education has to be done state by state and that is certainly time consuming.”