Thanks to Amy McCabe for taking the time to participate in this recent NGPF Podcast. I got to know Amy during our inaugural Summer Institute in 2016 and was struck by her passion for teaching and for ensuring her students get the skills they need to succeed in their financial lives. In this podcast, you will learn from Amy what it’s like to teach in a state with a personal finance mandate. She discusses her approach to teaching challenging topics, such as investing and insurance and how she injects story-telling into her lessons. You will also discover what Amy bought for $10 recently that brought great joy into her life. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~1:12 – Introduction
  • 1:12~3:45 – Where Amy works and what she does
  • 3:45~7:08 – How personal finance is taught at Amy’s high school
  • 7:08~10:20 – State support for personal finance education
  • 10:20~13:15 – Favorite lesson to teach
  • 13:15~17:00 – How she teaches investing
  • 17:00~18:58 – Experience in the financial industry
  • 18:58~20:36 – Student blindspots
  • 20:36~20:54 – A word from our sponsor, Next Gen Personal Finance
  • 20:54~24:47 – Students with checking accounts and over-drafting
  • 24:47~26:58 – Teaching insurance
  • 26:58~30:45 – Importance of storytelling in the personal finance classroom
  • 30:45~33:53 – Her experience at the NGPF Summer Institute
  • 33:53~36:02 – Best thing bought for under $10
  • 36:02~36:57  Right time to get a credit card
  • 36:57~38:56 – Right amount of student debt
  • 38:56~40:24 – Her weekly text to every student in the country
  • 40:24~41:37 – Conclusion
Resource mentioned:
  • “One thing I really struggle with teaching is actually checking accounts. It always surprises me that it is difficult for them to want to learn about reconciling a bank statement or balance their checkbooks.”