Thanks to Steve Penley of Waubonsie Valley High School (Aurora, Illinois) for coming on the NGPF podcast recently. Steve came to our attention through his participation in the NGPF Professional Learning Communities (PLC) program that Jessica (from NGPF) facilitates. In Jessica’s words, “Steve provides tons of great feedback to other participants and stays abreast of new technologies and tools which is incredibly valuable to the group.” In this podcast, Steve shares the reasons that he participates in PLCs, as well as his insights on how to run a blended learning classroom along with his favorite lesson. He will also tell you about a few of his favorite online resources and tech tools. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~1:01 – Introduction
  • 1:01~2:35 – Steve’s teaching job and a little about the community he teaches in
  • 2:35~3:53 – Types of classes he teaches
  • 3:53~11:30 – What he likes about blended learning
  • 11:30~14:34 – How he keeps the class together in a blended learning environment
  • 14:34~17:39 – Blended learning example
  • 17:39~22:08 – Knowledge Matters simulation
  • 22:08~24:45 – Finding online resources
  • 24:45~25:03 – A word from our sponsor, Next Gen Personal Finance
  • 25:03~27:53 – How he teaches investing
  • 27:53~33:24 – The value of NGPF Professional Learning Community
  • 33:24~34:30 – Final thoughts
  • 34:30~35:21 – Conclusion
Notable Quote:
  • “The concept of blended learning allows students to experience group work and allows them to self-pace and helps them identify their strengths and their weaknesses. It also gets the kids to ask questions and expand their understanding, which is a critical aspect.”