Thanks to Nohely Peraza, a student at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, California.  As a high school senior and the first in her family to attend college this fall, Nohely provides a voice to the hopes, dreams and financial concerns that accompany higher education in the U.S. She also describes the financial responsibilities that she has taken on in her household and the lessons that she has learned from that experience. Be ready to be inspired by Nohely’s story!


1:15-2:30 – Early jobs that you have held
2:30-3:14: What motivates you to save your money?
3:14~4:13 – What do you do during the summer?
4:13~6:15 – What kind of financial products do you use?
6:15~6:55 – What do you think of the stereotype “teens don’t know how much things cost?”
6:55~8:46 – Where does your desire to save come from?
8:46~10:26 – What has your college counselor taught you?
10:26~12:01 – What has surprised you most about the college process?
12:01~14:25 – How do you think about student debt?
14:25~16:31 – When did you realize the more expensive and elite colleges often have the best financial aid programs?
16:31~17:40 – How do you think about going away from home?
17:40~19:45  – What do you want to know about personal finance before you go to college?