Thanks to Emily Iverson of Mukwonago High School (Wisconsin) for joining me recently on the NGPF podcast show. I came across Emily in a recent Lake Country Now article that highlighted the amazing growth of personal finance enrollment at her high school:


I was also intrigued that Emily had created an online course in 2011 that could serve summer school students not able to schedule the course into their regular school year. I thought our educator audience would want to learn more about how to incorporate online resources into their classroom.

Listen to this podcast to hear Emily answer such questions:

  • What is the most important personal finance concept you incorporate into your curriculum?
  • How do you think about structuring an online unit? What are the key components?
  • What is the role of teacher in an on-line environment?
  • How do you make the most of on-line student discussions?
  • What are the most important lessons learned through your experience over the last five years?


  • 0:00~1:23 – Introduction
  • 1:23~4:23 – Passion for personal finance
  • 4:23~5:42 – School background
  • 5:42~8:43 – Building an online course
  • 8:43~12:39 – Starting Up an Online Course
  • 12:39~15:13 – Peer-collaboration on Moodle
  • 15:13~17:59 – Finding resources
  • 17:59~21:12 –  Emily’s first online class
  • 21:12~24:19 – Emily’s personal finance units
  • 24:19~25:19 – Assessment
  • 25:19~28:21 –  Important topics to cover?
  • 28:21~30:08 – Student interest in personal finance topics
  • 30:08~36:44 – What teachers should be aware of when starting an online course
  • 36:44~39:44 – Why teachers should be interested in online learning
  • 39:44~40:40 – Conclusion