Today, we released two brand new units on Taxes and Insurance. Over 175 new resources. 14 brand new activities. All for our dedicated community of teachers just in time for the new school year.

These are two topics teachers repeatedly told us were difficult to teach, so we decided we needed to give our community what they wanted.

The reaction has been spectacular! It’s only 2:00 p.m. here in California and we’ve already broken our single-day record for site visits!

What’s Inside?

In our Taxes unit, we have three great lessons:

  1. Tax Basics – This lesson covers…
    • Who pays taxestaximage
    • What tax revenue is used for
    • What types of things get taxed
    • How the progressive tax system works
  2. Work and Income Taxes – This lesson covers…
    • How many allowances to take on your W-4
    • Where money deducted from your paycheck stub goes
    • Reading a paycheck stub
    • How different types of income are taxed (wage vs. salary vs. tips vs. investment)
  3. Filing Your Taxes – This lesson covers…
    • Who needs to file taxes
    • Reading a W-2
    • How to file taxes (using a 1040-EZ)
    • Different options for filing
    • Payments and refunds

In our Insurance unit, we have four fantastic lessons:

  1. insurance-agentInsurance Basics– This lesson covers…
    • How risk pooling protects individuals
    • Factors that affect insurance premiums
    • Assessing risk levels
    • Common types of insurance and their uses
  2. Car Insurance– This lesson covers…
    • Types of car insurance (liability, collision, comprehensive, and more)
    • Deductibles, premiums, and tho will pay after an accident
    • How to read a car insurance policy
    • The proper steps to take after an accident
    • Filing a successful claim
  3. Health Insurance– This lesson covers…
    • Sources of health insurance (parents, employer, from the marketplace, etc.)
    • Types of health insurance (HMOs, PPOs, POSs)
    • How the Affordable Care Act impact health care options
    • Choosing the right plan for you
  4. Insurance for Consumers– This lesson covers…
    • The benefits of renter’s insurance
    • Whether other types of consumer insurance (extended warranties, for cell phones) are good investments

Just looking for activities?

We’ve got those too! Check out our…

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