I’ve got such a backlog of “things I’d like to read” that I started putting 3 per week on my “to do” list and “assigning” the readings to myself. This article from EdSurge made its way into last week’s reading list — What Does a ‘Modern Classroom’ Look Like — and What Should Educators Leave Behind? While I’m not sure I agree 100% with ALL of their ideas, the introductory questions answered by the panel of “experts” had me thinking — NGPF has this! NGPF does this! NGPF is this! — over and over again. Here are a few excerpts:

“The classroom being more modern is when we are bringing the real world to them, and teaching them to collaborate, communicate. Those C’s that we talk about, we need to quit talking about it and start doing it.”

It has to do with who is controlling the information in the classroom. Truly embracing student agency… To me, the modern classroom really is a shifting of roles and responsibilities and control.”

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“Amplifying under-represented voices is incredibly important, and technology helps us to do that.”

  • NGPF makes it a priority to find and create diversity in our resources. Admittedly, it’s hard in the finance world, which still tends to skew toward white men in business suits, but we jump at the chance to add videos hosted by female and/or nonwhite speakers. Skim our Video Library, and you’ll see what I mean.
  • All of the worksheets you see on our website are created in-house, and we know that representation matters: As a result, we use a diversity of names in our hundreds of scenarios. One of my former students, Danaisha, was thrilled to hear she’s buying organic produce in one of our budgeting assessment questions 😉 If you don’t see your students’ names and lives represented in our materials, email Jessica with some suggestions.

First, a modern classroom is actually messy. It’s loud and it’s fun.” 

We have to make it okay for teachers to fail and fail in front of students. Because if everything has to be perfect before we launch, then we never launch. As administrators, we have to open the doors up and say, ‘Yeah, you’re not going to know all the answers to this, but, you know what, you can facilitate your kids to figure out those answers along the way!’”

  • Our Web Quests put the students in charge of finding the answers.

“The other thing is we have to get our teachers to move away from teaching and start facilitating, and that is what a modern classroom looks like.”

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OK, the article goes on much longer, but these first quotes have me more excited than ever about how NGPF resources help enable teachers to meet the needs of the “Modern Classroom.”