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At NGPF, we believe in knowing the landscape. To better serve educators like yourselves, we need to understand your current situation, your needs and your goals. That’s why we conduct a monthly “flash survey,” a 4-6 question assessment on some topic about teaching personal finance.

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How do you use technology?

For long-time fans of NGPF, you’ll notice that we distributed this survey in July 2015. We’re curious: In the last 18 months, has technology in the classroom changed?



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Flash Survey Results! Differentiation

Differentiation.  You know the word, you hear the buzz, but what are other educators doing?

We surveyed many educators to find out how they incorporate differentiation into their personal finance lessons.

Some key findings from our survey:

  1. 61% of survey respondents reported that they plan lessons incorporating differentiation at least one per week
  2. Activities, assessments and reading texts were the most commonly identified resources for differentiation 
  3. 80% of survey respondents reported that they had limited time to plan for differentiation

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