Gooru in the New Year!

05 Jan, 2017

January 5, 2017 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

With many of you starting a new semester in 2017, and with resolutions abounding, now might be the perfect time to get your class set up on Gooru. Gooru facilitates blended, self-paced, or independent learning of our NGPF content. Plus, with its auto-grading assessments, Gooru reduces the time you spend marking papers and increases your ability to differentiate and track student progress.

Participants in this webinar:
(1) Learned how to quickly and efficiently get yourself and your classroom set up on the FREE Gooru platform
(2) Learned how to copy (and modify) our great NGPF content into your own Gooru account to minimize your workload later
(3) Were able to ask real-time support questions to NGPF’s Gooru expert, Jessica
(4) Left our session with the framework for your personal finance course already complete!
(5) Received a certificate for one hour of professional development credit.

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