Cohosted Webinar: BELP & NGPF Advocate for Financial Literacy in CA High Schools

On December 10, NGPF did something new! We cohosted a webinar with Molly Anderson of California State’s Business Education Leadership Project (BELP), during which Molly gave really compelling reasons that financial literacy should be taught in CA (and US) high schools. I (Jessica) then gave an overview of what we have to offer on our NGPF website:

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NGPF Webinars… What’s a webinar?!?!

what's a webinar iconEach month, we’re so impressed with the level of engagement (and customer satisfaction) from our webinar participants, but we want to be sure we’re not missing anyone. So, if you receive our monthly emails calling for you to register for our free webinar, but you’ve been hesitant to register because you’re not QUITE sure webinars are right for you, here are some FAQs that might help:

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NGPF Webinar: What’s Trending In Personal Finance?

Thanks to all the educators who joined me today on the free NGPF Webinar where I discussed new developments in personal finance while providing examples from the NGPF library of student-centered activities and projects.

Watch this webinar and get answers to your questions, including:

NGPF August 25th Webinar: Teach Investing With Engaging Activities and Projects

Register using this link.

Here are the details:

Our recent NGPF survey finds that investing is one of the most challenging topics for you to teach your students. With that thought in mind, attending this webinar will enable you to:

(1) Learn how to put students at the center of the investment decision-making process for maximum engagement and learning.

(2) Understand our investment project design process to make the planning and execution of investing activities easy and stress-free.

(3) See which existing NGPF investing projects and activities are right for your students before you start creating your own. From the parable of the $8 million janitor to the value of investing that $4 latte, NGPF creates projects and activities to engage your students.

You will leave this webinar with lots of activity ideas to implement in your classroom immediately, so sign up today!

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Learn to Use Gooru – free webinars from our partner

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For those who have perused our resources, you may have noticed our lessons, activities, videos, etc. are hosted on Gooru Learning, a completely free platform that helps students and teachers organize multimedia resources into collections.

If you plan to use NGPF resources next year in your high school classroom, but are worried about learning Gooru, here’s a chance to learn for free!