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Charles Kafoglis, NGPF Fellow, explains his school’s unique perspective on fin lit

Two in one week! A second NGPF Fellow, Charles Kafoglis, has submitted a guest blog spot, and we’re happy to have it. Charles is a teacher at an all-girls Catholic school in Houston, TX — Incarnate Word Academy — and they’ve got a really unique leadership model that weaves throughout their entire school culture and course curricula. Charles shares that outlook, as it pertains to the personal finance class he teaches, as well as two interesting videos, in the guest post below:

Question: When It Comes To Giving, Is It Better To Give Time or Money?

From WSJ (subscription):

It’s the holiday season; a time when many open their checkbooks (or go online to make payments) to support their favorite charities. Researchers have found three mistakes commonly made by charitably minded people:

Question: How Long Does It Take a Hacker To Steal Your Credit Card Information Online?

Answer (from Newcastle University research): About 6 seconds (yikes!) [This should grab your students attention!]

From Thrillist:

According to new a paper authored by Newcastle University researchers, hackers can mine your financial information using simple guesswork, spread out across multiple websites. When the process, known as a Distributed Guessing Attack, is coupled with a specifically designed toolkit, it isn’t very hard to exploit the security systems of major e-commerce sites…

Here’s a 31 second video explaining the technique:

If You Only Had An Hour To Teach Communication Skills….

….use the activities described in this workshop as a foundation.

Your personal finance class provides you with an excellent opportunity to develop your students’ communication skills. You can give your students practice on making persuasive arguments during a debate or perhaps, how to effectively present their recommendations using one of NGPF’s case studies. Many teachers wonder how to provide a foundational lesson in communication that students can utilize as a framework throughout the course. Well, I stumbled upon one this morning that your students will love.

The title of this workshop is “Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques.” I have summarized the 58:19 workshop below and listed the four activities that the speaker, Dan Abraham, demonstrates to build that communication “muscle.” He also provides techniques about how to overcome those anxious feelings that almost everyone feels leading up to their public speaking opportunities.

Notes from the workshop:

Video: Graphical Organizer For ESPN’s Documentary, “Broke”

Hat tip to Diana Gradstein, an educator at Life Learning Academy (San Francisco, CA) for this graphical organizer she developed. This accompanies the ESPN documentary Broke (1 hour 19 minute video), which talks about professional athletes and their all-to-frequent tales of money mismanagement:

Here’s a synopsis of Broke (from ESPN):

Career Videos: The Job Shadow

I was stumped by a teacher at the recent JumpStart conference who asked if we had a video that could help prepare students for their job shadow experience. For those not familiar with a job shadow, here’s a brief description (from

Job shadowing is a work experience option where students learn about a job by walking through the work day as a shadow to a competent worker. The job shadowing work experience is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace in an occupational area of interest to the student.”

For those who organize job shadows, they know what amazing experiences these are for students! I had my first taste of job shadowing when I was a senior….in college. I had worked summers as a golf caddy (no better paying job in those days and I had to pay for college after all). I dressed in a suit, drove 30 minutes south to Newark, NJ and spent a week at Prudential Reinsurance. The only task I remember from that week almost 30 years ago was inputting foreign currency rates into a spreadsheet. Oh, and I also decided I didn’t want to work in reinsurance or be a desk jockey:) Warren Buffett may love reinsurance as a business (he owns a few) but I didn’t enjoy it as an employee!

Here are a few videos that might be helpful to introduce the concept:

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Online Bill Payments Are Easy But…

…you better triple check that you didn’t have a typo. One couple shares their story about what happened when they hit the wrong key.


Why this matters:

Video: How Did These NFL Players Lose $43 Million?

From 60 Minutes (14 minute video):