Schools in the News

  • Chatham teacher pockets $5K for ‘teacher excellence’ (News Windsor)

Anneke Gretton from Chatham Christian School won in the John Rozema Award for Excellence in Secondary Teaching category, which also nets her a $5,000 prize. Gretton’s award was in part thanks to a Grade 11 math lesson, where she had her students put their skills to use in researching poverty and creating personal financial plans for a young person living on their own.

Taste of Immokalee will soon have a tang of Naples in its spicy products.  And soon, its coordinators hope, business will prove a game changer, creating a more unified Collier as students from both ends of this sprawling county lead the way, working together on product development for the sauce-and-salsa producer. Twenty-six students filled the Naples YMCA conference room Monday morning with one ostensible goal: to make more money for Taste of Immokalee.

  • FHS student receives national finance award (FauquierNOW)

A rising senior at Fauquier High School has received a national award for financial literacy. Finn Cook, 17, received the Centurion Award at a scholars reception

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The Retail Industry Changed Last Week…NGPF Has Resources Aligned To These Current Events

This has been a big week of news related to the Retail Industry in the U.S., with implications for the economy, jobs, shoppers, and investors. This post will explain the big events for the week, their implications for you and your students while also providing activities and lessons that are aligned to these current events.

What’s Happening?

What I Read This Weekend

This experiment, along with others, provides evidence that cluttered and disorganized environments are more distracting than organized ones. Spaces filled with visual distractions force our brains to work harder to filter out superfluous information…

  • The iPhone is about to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary, the Verge (hat tip to Big Picture Blog) has long-form article about its secret origin story which provides the messiness of innovation:
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NGPF FinCamp Coming to Nashville in September!

We are excited to be bringing NGPF FinCamp to Kentucky and Tennessee educators in September. Read below for more details about this event and how you can bring NGPF FinCamp to your region.


NGPF will be delivering a one-day workshop for personal finance educators at the Tennessee Education Association, in Nashville, Tennessee from 8:00am to 3:30pm on Thursday, September 14th. Thanks to Natasha Bishop of Tennessee Jump$tart and Kelly May of Kentucky Jump$tart for being such great partners in the planning and marketing of this event.

Space is limited to 40 educators, so be sure to register today!

A teacher-centric workshop focused on what YOU want to learn to improve your craft. Check out this video to see an NGPF FinCamp in action.

The agenda won’t be finalized until we get your responses in our pre-conference survey, but you can expect the following:

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Schools in the News

A community event was held May 22 at Tosa East to showcase a new program at the high school — one that helps students prepare for college and build an appealing resume at the same time. Under the guidance of teacher Megan Sampson, Advanced Placement students at East displayed research work for parents, faculty and other members of the community.

Some area high school students spent the day learning more about the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Management program on Wednesday. They also learned business fundamentals such as accounting, finance, human resources and labor relations, international management, marketing and supply chain management.

  • Minnesota and Pennsylvania High Schoolers Win National Economics Challenge 2017 (Investopedia)

“an exciting culmination of the final round of 17th Annual National Economic Challenge, conducted by Council for Economic Education (CEE), Mounds View High School, Arden Hills, Minn., emerged winners in the Adam Smith category for students who took advanced economics courses while North Penn High School, Lansdale, Penn., took the crown for students who took a single course in the subject.”

  • Westchester

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Amanda and Laurie’s Classrooms of the Future

In March, we blogged about a news article profiling NGPF Fellow Amanda Volz’s upcoming “Classroom of the Future” remodel at St. Clair High School in Michigan. If you’re a Facebook user, you can see beautiful pictures of her classroom (and her students in action)! And, now that we’ve announced our Summer Institute participants for 2017, we’re pleased to share classroom pictures from Laurie Gardner’s newly redone Classroom of the Future at Marine City High School. Check out the modern workspaces Amanda and Laurie have designed for their students to learn in:

This Hack Will Make You Wanna Cry…How Can You Protect Yourself?

Here’s the latest on the global ransomware attack (“Wanna Cry” variant) that started on Friday (from NPR):

A ransomware attack that began in Europe on Friday is lingering — and hitting new targets in Japan and China. The WannaCry software has locked thousands of computers in more than 150 countries. Users are confronted with a screen demanding a $300 payment to restore their files.

The cyberattack has hit more than 300,000 computers, White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said at Monday’s midday White House briefing. He added that the rate of infection has slowed over the weekend.

Here’s a few videos to help bring this subject to life:

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Can You Predict If A Borrower Will Pay You Back?

Think you have a good B.S. detector? Well, let’s find out. Fascinating research in New York Magazine article (Hat tip to Big Picture Blog) describes how researchers used Big Data techniques to comb through information provided by borrowers on a peer-to-peer lending site. The goal of their analysis: look for words that might predict whether or not a borrower might make good on a loan. They determined that five words were good predictors that a loan would be paid and five words were good predictors that a loan would NOT be repaid.

For the ten key words they identified, can you guess which five predict repayment and which five predict default? 

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