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Flash Survey Results: How Do Educators Structure Their Personal Finance Class?

Here at NGPF, we’re always looking to learn more about educators and their personal finance classes. For this survey, we wanted to learn more about how educators structure their day-to-day lessons. Do they start off with a Bell Ringer? Do they end with a question or Exit Ticket? How do they assess student performance?

Now, with data in hand, we wanted to share the results from the 212 educators who responded (thank you!):

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Flash Survey Results! Technology in Schools

Long-time fans of NGPF will have noticed that we distributed this survey in July 2015. We were curious to compare the results: how has technology in schools changed in the last 18 months?

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How do you use technology?

For long-time fans of NGPF, you’ll notice that we distributed this survey in July 2015. We’re curious: In the last 18 months, has technology in the classroom changed?




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Flash Survey Results! Differentiation

Differentiation.  You know the word, you hear the buzz, but what are other educators doing?

We surveyed many educators to find out how they incorporate differentiation into their personal finance lessons.

Some key findings from our survey:

  1. 61% of survey respondents reported that they plan lessons incorporating differentiation at least one per week
  2. Activities, assessments and reading texts were the most commonly identified resources for differentiation 
  3. 80% of survey respondents reported that they had limited time to plan for differentiation

Flash Survey Results! Professional Development

We surveyed many educators to find out their thoughts and opinions about personal finance professional development.

Some key findings from our survey:

  1. 66% of respondents have attended at least one personal finance professional development within the past 12 months
  2. Investing, Retirement/401(k) and Paying for College are the favored content topics for future professional development sessions
  3. Exposure to classroom resources, discussion of new developments and current events are important when creating or delivering an effective professional development session
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August Flash Survey Results: How Do You Teach Personal Finance?

personal finance

As educators and students nation-wide head back to school, the familiar “How will I adjust my lessons this year?” feeling creeps back.

Not to fear – NGPF has loads of new content and product releases scheduled for the fall to meet your needs.  Additionally, the awesome feedback you provided in the August survey allows us to target our content directly to suit your requirements!

Here’s what educators nation-wide report about their personal finance courses:

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June/July Flash Survey Results: Spreadsheets in Personal Finance


Are you longing to add more spreadsheet-based activities to your curriculum, or are spreadsheets simply outside the scope of what you want or have time to teach? Here’s what educators nation-wide feel about spreadsheets: 


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April/May Survey Results: Do Personal Finance Standards Matter in Your Classroom?

Educational_StandardsAh… standards… Some teachers love them (“They’re integral in framing the learning!”). Some teachers are a tad bit cooler (It’s not the official wording that matters but that students learn the skills!”) In this Flash Survey, we focused on standards and got some great results. Read on…

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