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Chart: Which College Majors Are Hottest (In Employers Eyes)?

From WSJ:

Chart: Could You Come Up with $400 In Case of An Emergency?

From WSJ:


In 2015, we posted research indicating that 47% of Americans couldn’t come up with $400 in case of an emergency. These charts and data tables provide some additional context around that statistic. Questions for your students:

Question of the Day: What Are the Three Most Useful Inventions of All-Time?


  • Most useful: Cell phone, disposable diaper and alarm clock.
  • Most important: Electricity, Internet and The Wheel

From Time Invention survey of 10,197 people in seven mature markets (South Korea, the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Australia, the U.K. and Singapore) and 10 emerging markets (South Africa, Kenya, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Brazil, Turkey, India, Mexico and Indonesia).: 

Question: What’s the Average Credit Score In Your Community?

Update of an earlier post from January 2016 (we like to keep things current around here:)

Here’s where the data came from for this report:

In order to identify the cities with the highest and lowest credit scores, WalletHub’s analysts compared the average credit scores of residents in each of 2,534 U.S. cities as of October 2016, based on TransUnion data.

Click on a dot in the map near where you live to determine how your community’s credit score compares with the rest of the country:

Interactive: What Are Your Odds Of Winning the Lottery?

Great simulation from LA Times allows you to play multiple iterations of the PowerBall lottery to see how even small wins can’t hide the fact that ultimately you will LOSE!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.48.55 PM

Here’s how it works: 

Think You Can Pick A Mutual Fund That Can Beat the Market? Think Again And Buy An Index Fund Instead!

Based on this recently analysis, go ahead and buy an index fund. Over any recent time period (1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 years) you would have trounced actively managed funds. Of course, “past performance is no guarantee of future results,” however, when you see the persistence of index fund success over short, medium and long-term periods, and the primary reason for it (they carry lower fees), I would put my money (and do) on this trend continuing.

Chart from SPIVA U.S. Scorecard Report (only first four lines, full analysis available by clicking on link):

Question: What Is Most Valuable Car Company In the United States?

a. General Motors

b. Ford

c. Tesla

What Percentage of IPhone Users Have Tried Apple Pay?

Answer (from WSJ): 13%

Back in 2014 (eons ago in the tech industry), we marked the launch of Apple Pay with a post that included several news summaries and the potential that Apple saw in the product. We had students analyze the stories and then answer that personal question “Would you use Apple Pay?” Apparently the answer for most IPhone users two years later is a resounding “No.”

Jessica also wrote a post in early 2015 asking the question “Can Teenagers Use Apple Pay?” Find out the answer here.

The article enumerates the reasons why the rate of adoption has not been faster: