NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Marla Blow, CEO of FS Card, Inc.

I really enjoyed the recent conversation I had with Marla Blow who is not your typical credit card executive. She runs a start-up credit card company (FS Card, Inc.) focused on helping subprime customers get their “sea legs” to establish a positive credit history.  In a sense, she has been preparing for this role for her entire career. You will hear about her odyssey from modeling losses in credit card portfolios during  the Great Recession to signing on as an early team member at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and will learn how these experiences inform her work today. Enjoy!


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NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks to Kiplinger Editor and Author Janet Bodnar

It was great to have Kiplinger editor Janet Bodnar on the podcast recently. As a newly minted college graduate, I recall leafing through a Kiplinger magazine (pre-internet) and benefitting from their practical, easy to understand financial advice. As an editor, columnist and author, Janet has an amazing depth of knowledge about personal finance. We focused our conversation on what we should be teaching young people about money as well as the importance of encouraging women to develop financial skills. You will get great advice about investing while learning about Janet’s collecting habits which she gleefully displays on her home refrigerator. Enjoy!


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NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks to Teacher-Innovator Jesse Peterkin of Ridgefield High School (CT)

It was great to have NGPF Teacher Innovator Award winner Jesse Peterkin on the podcast recently. Jesse teaches at Ridgefield High School (Ridgefield, Connecticut). His project Create a Budget and Financial Plan uses celebrities and avatars as hooks to engage students to develop comprehensive financial plans for their “clients.” Hear Jesse share the trials and tribulations of his first job, learn how his career in the private sector informs his teaching and hear his ideas on how he brings the subject of personal finance alive for his students. Enjoy!


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NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks to Dave Mancl About How Wisconsin Increased Access to Financial Education

I really enjoyed my recent conversation with Dave Mancl. He provided awesome insights about how actions at the state level can act as an accelerant to get financial education into more K-12 classrooms. Dave’s state, Wisconsin, has been an early adopter in seeing the value of this education and created a comprehensive and holistic approach to increasing access.  In this podcast, Dave shares his work as director of the Wisconsin Office of Financial Literacy in the Department of Financial Institutions and the keys to his success in driving financial education efforts.  You will also learn more about how to successfully manage a nightcrawler business. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~1:08 – Introduction
  • 1:08~1:52 – Dave’s day job
  • 1:52~3:41 – Interest in financial literacy
  • 3:41~6:13 – First job
  • 6:13~11:44 – Office of financial literacy
  • 11:44~15:23 – Increasing access to financial education
  • 15:23~20:37 – Strategies for success
  • 20:37~21:58 – Personal finance at the
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Podcasts For Those Long Car Rides…What I Have Been Listening To

Lots of drive time this week, which means lots of good podcast listening. Here are four that I thought you would enjoy:

  • For those looking for entrepreneurial focused podcasts, my new FAVE is Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman (VC at Greylock and founder of LinkedIn). Here are the two that I have listened to with their key points that stuck:
      • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook): Learn about the importance of launching “imperfect products” and then listening intently to your customers to iterate and make it better vs. waiting to launch that perfect product. Be close to your customers!
      • Brian Chesky (Airbnb): Invest early and often in customer relationships so you develop empathy and build better products (thanks to all the educators who have taken time with our team over the past few weeks to let us know how we can continue to serve you better!). I love how he describes envisioning what would give your customers an 11-star experience. One of our projects at NGPF this summer:)

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Teacher-Innovator Tara Kelley of Harwood Union HS (Vermont)

I had a great conversation recently with NGPF Teacher Innovator Award winner, Tara Kelley, a math teacher from Harwood Union High School in Duxbury, Vermont. Tara created a Spring Break Project (who doesn’t want to plan a spring break vacation?) which allowed her students to explore the cost of using a credit card to pay for their Spring Break vacation. They learned through this activity the impact that changing their monthly credit card payments has on the total interest paid as well as the importance of paying off a credit card balance in full every month. Enjoy!


Podcast: How Can I Use Money Effectively To Promote My Happiness?

I thought you would enjoy this Meg Faber podcast while you were on one of those long summer drives with your family. It could lead to some great conversation too! Lots of thought-provoking wisdom from Elizabeth Dunn, co-author of the 2014 best-seller Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending. In the podcast, she discusses new research into behavioral finance that she summarizes into five core principles that may make you think differently about how money can “buy” happiness:

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Micro-Lending Aficionado, Kristen Goggin of Town School For Boys (San Francisco, CA)

I enjoyed my recent conversation with Kristen Goggin, a 6th grade math teacher at the Town School for Boys in San Francisco, California. Laura Matchett, our director of teacher engagement, “discovered” Kristen who had penned an article about the innovative approach she used in her classroom to develop students who think globally. Find out how she uses the micro-lending website, Kiva, as the centerpiece for her unit that develops entrepreneurial skills as well as empathy for entrepreneurs in other countries (did I mention math skills, too?). Her students use profits that they generate from their own companies to provide loans to start-ups thousands of miles away. Listen to this podcast and find creative ideas that you can use in your classroom too! Enjoy!

  • 0:00~0:58 – Introduction
  • 0:58~2:28 – What Kristen does during her free time
  • 2:28~3:37 – Kristen’s day job
  • 3:37~6:52 – Micro-lending project
  • 6:52~16:35 – How the project works
  • 16:35~19:05 – Business ideas developed by students
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