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NGPF Recognizes Outstanding Educators Dedicated to Building Financial Capability

As part of a Financial Literacy Month initiative, Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) partnered with DonorsChoose.org to bring engaging, easy-to-implement personal finance resources to classrooms across the nation (see links below for activities completed).

We would like to thank all of the educators who took part in this opportunity for bringing financial education to your students. As you can read here, these 1,200 educators delivered essential financial skills to over 26,000 students (in just 60 days). Thank you!

We intended to award additional DonorsChoose.org credit to ten teachers, but ultimately selected 25 teachers, whose responses to survey questions both inspired us and demonstrated the creative and engaging ways they are developing financial skills in classrooms across the country. These teachers will each receive $500 in additional DonorsChoose.org credits.

And the winners are…

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NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks to Teacher-Innovator Jesse Peterkin of Ridgefield High School (CT)

It was great to have NGPF Teacher Innovator Award winner Jesse Peterkin on the podcast recently. Jesse teaches at Ridgefield High School (Ridgefield, Connecticut). His project Create a Budget and Financial Plan uses celebrities and avatars as hooks to engage students to develop comprehensive financial plans for their “clients.” Hear Jesse share the trials and tribulations of his first job, learn how his career in the private sector informs his teaching and hear his ideas on how he brings the subject of personal finance alive for his students. Enjoy!


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Schools in the News

  • Twin Falls High School personal finance class learns about home buying (KMTV11.com)

Lorraine Rapp’s personal finance class went to an open house Thursday and visited with two real estate agents and a mortgage loan officer. The real estate agents gave them a tour and provided information on the property.

  • Newark’s Teacher Of The Year Is A Master Internship Matchmaker (Newark Patch)

The Newark Public School District honored Brian Klasner as its “Teacher of the Year” on Tuesday at East Side High School for his “exceptional teaching abilities and the impact he has made on his students,” administrators announced….Klasner currently teaches world history and financial literacy to ninth and twelfth graders at East Side Big Picture Academy (ESBPA), a student-centered learning academy within East Side High School.

  • Jefferson High students learn real-world budgeting firsthand (Daily Union)

Ninety Jefferson High School students experienced the trial of real-life household budgeting Thursday during the high school’s annual Reality Day. The results were eye-opening. The students were assigned a certain scenario based on a career they’re interested in entering and their potential income from that job.

  • Washington College students

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NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Teacher-Innovator Tara Kelley of Harwood Union HS (Vermont)

I had a great conversation recently with NGPF Teacher Innovator Award winner, Tara Kelley, a math teacher from Harwood Union High School in Duxbury, Vermont. Tara created a Spring Break Project (who doesn’t want to plan a spring break vacation?) which allowed her students to explore the cost of using a credit card to pay for their Spring Break vacation. They learned through this activity the impact that changing their monthly credit card payments has on the total interest paid as well as the importance of paying off a credit card balance in full every month. Enjoy!


Why We Do What We Do…

A great message to see after a long weekend:

From Angela, educator in Transition Education program:

I love the Next Gen Personal Finance program. Katie and I shared this with our colleagues. We both were excited and loved this program we were introduced to by Donorschoose. We had to share this wonderful program. We as a school have purchased programs that have been honestly a waste of money. It was a honor for Katie and I to share this with our colleagues as we watched it on our school Smartboard and Katie and I shared our love for this new program. I just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to this wonderful, engaging site.

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Bringing Financial Education To 1,200 Classrooms In 60 Days: What We Learned from Our DonorsChoose.org Partnership

We set a goal this spring to bring Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) activities and projects into 1,000 new classrooms throughout the U.S. Our experience leading workshops at dozens of educator conferences all over the country had demonstrated the power of trial. That is, getting educators to spend 15 minutes “trying” out our website using a Scavenger Hunt had a powerful effect as we often heard:

  • “I wish I knew about you sooner.”
  • “There is so much here that I can use.”
  • “This will save me SOOOOO much time!”
  • “Thank you for making my job so much easier.”
  • “I can’t wait to use this resource with my class on Monday.”

We grappled with a big question: Who could we partner with who could act as an accelerant to get more teachers to “try” our projects and activities in as short a time period as possible? Why the urgency? When we hear stats like “20% of high school students are graduating with any personal finance education,” we know we have to do better as a country given the importance of these skills. 

Amanda and Laurie’s Classrooms of the Future

In March, we blogged about a news article profiling NGPF Fellow Amanda Volz’s upcoming “Classroom of the Future” remodel at St. Clair High School in Michigan. If you’re a Facebook user, you can see beautiful pictures of her classroom (and her students in action)! And, now that we’ve announced our Summer Institute participants for 2017, we’re pleased to share classroom pictures from Laurie Gardner’s newly redone Classroom of the Future at Marine City High School. Check out the modern workspaces Amanda and Laurie have designed for their students to learn in:

Careers of the Future! A Guest Post from Andrea Stemper

Andrea Stemper’s one of our NGPF Fellows who integrates personal finance into her economics classes (but not for long — she’s also advocating at her district to make personal finance its own elective course, which we’d LOVE to see happen). Adept at integrating financial capability into econ, Andrea’s written in with this suggestion for a lesson on job prospects and supply & demand: