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Teacher Feedback on our Credit Units — Thanks, Maureen!

NGPF Fellow Maureen Neuner is consistently in touch with us here at NGPF, which we love love love! Her most recent feedback seemed worth sharing, as it might entice some of you to check out our credit units for use next year. Here’s Maureen’s email [with comments from Jessica in brackets]…

A New Way to Teach Spreadsheets

In case you missed it in late March, NGPF’s diving in deep to spreadsheet work. Read on…


A recent study from Burning Glass Technologies reveals that:

  • 78% of middle-skill jobs include spreadsheets as a baseline requirement
  • Digitally intensive jobs are growing 2.5 times more rapidly than non-spreadsheet required jobs
  • Digitally intensive jobs pay 18% higher than non-digital jobs

Your students need these skills!



We’re always looking to help, so here’s what we’ve done for you and your students:

  1. Created a YouTube playlist of 10 How-To videos, each under 5 minutes, teaching your students basic spreadsheet skills
  2. Categorized 30 NGPF Activities, Projects, and Case Studies that embed spreadsheet skills
  3. Embedded links directly in each NGPF activity to the coordinating How-To video(s) required to complete the spreadsheet, providing on-demand support for your students who need it. Samples:


We focused on spreadsheets during our March webinar, and you can get all of the archived resources from that PD event here.

Do you LOVE spreadsheets? Wish you could teach more spreadsheets? Need support? Tell us

What A ‘Modern Classroom’ Looks Like, & How NGPF Can Help

I’ve got such a backlog of “things I’d like to read” that I started putting 3 per week on my “to do” list and “assigning” the readings to myself. This article from EdSurge made its way into last week’s reading list — What Does a ‘Modern Classroom’ Look Like — and What Should Educators Leave Behind? While I’m not sure I agree 100% with ALL of their ideas, the introductory questions answered by the panel of “experts” had me thinking — NGPF has this! NGPF does this! NGPF is this! — over and over again. Here are a few excerpts:

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Students & Teachers LOVE Ravioli Den!

Way back in August of 2015 I created what remains one of my favorite projects — “Joining the Market,” also known as “Ravioli Den” among friends. I started off just wanting to create something that simulated the buying and selling of shares, but it rapidly morphed into an awesome, whole-class game that teaches roughly 10 investing concepts in two class periods: It’s truly one of my finest works at NGPF. So, I brag about it all the time, but recently, teachers have written in to rave about Ravioli Den, too.

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Evolution of a Case Study or Why We Love Feedback!


At NGPF, we’re always signing off newsletters, product launches, and emails with some rendition of “Let us know how it goes in your classroom! We love feedback!” Here’s a little story highlighting why we crave feedback so much:

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Day 6 of the 24 Hour Personal Finance Course: Savings in 90 Minutes

Here was the Savings Lesson delivered yesterday as part of the 24 Hour Personal Finance Course NGPF is teaching at Eastside Prep.

Key learning objectives:

  • Importance of starting to save when you are young (i.e. the power of compound interest)
  • Understanding the psychological barriers to saving and how they can be overcome


  1. Opened with 4 Poll Everywhere questions to gauge student experience with saving
  • Have you ever saved? 95% said Yes
  • What is balance in savings account?
  • What’s the most important thing that you are saving for?
    • Highlighted importance of having a saving goal (almost 40% didn’t have one)
    • Importance of saving for college: Dollar saved is dollar that you don’t need to borrow

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.56.11 AM

  • Word cloud; first word that pops into your head regarding Saving?
    • Had students discuss the negative terms they associated with saving: limited, broke, bills along with the positive
    • Clearly means a lot of different things to different people

Introducing… Comprehension Questions for Unit 3 (Types of Credit)

First, for those who have clicked over from our emailed product release, here’s the promised ONE STOP SHOP FOR THE COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS

If you didn’t receive our email (Why aren’t you on our mailing list??? Sign up at the bottom of this page!) read on…

On occasion, teachers who have found our lesson guides on our website have emailed to ask, “So, it says #13-17 are assessment questions, but I don’t see those anywhere. How do I access those questions?”

Quick & Easy Credit Scores Lesson

We’ve got a new product release planned for next week, so that deadline should have all of my attention right now, but instead I got sidetracked by something the Philadelphia Fed featured on Twitter. Imagine that — Twitter distracted me from work…

Anyway, in case you teach personal finance and also got caught up on social media instead of lesson planning, my Thursday gift to you: a Quick & Easy Lesson on Credit Scores.