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Question: What Is the Largest Company Headquartered in Each State?

I thought that business teachers would get enjoy getting students to guess the answer for their specific state. Also will teach an important lesson about the various ways to measure the size of corporations. Here is the infographic with the largest company in each state based on number of employees (with hat tip to Visual Capitalist): 

Interactive: What Do Consumers Spend Their Money On?

If you are a data geek, you will love this interactive tool/data visualization from Flowing Data (be sure to click on the link to take advantage of the interactive nature of the tool):

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.26.15 PM

Let me provide some context for what you are looking at. Here are the data sources:

Spreadsheet Math: Two Investments Walk Into A Classroom…

Ok, not the best title but let’s run with it. Let’s start with a question:

You have a choice between two investments of $100,000:

  • Investment #1: Earns a consistent 8% return every year (put aside the fact that an investment like this doesn’t exist at the current time; it’s been a while since you could buy a 30 year Treasury Bond with that kind of return).
  • Investment #2: Has an average return of 8% per year but has “lumpier returns” aka it has more volatile returns but the returns each year are in the top 10% of fund returns. Some years it is up, some years it is down, but overall it averages the same 8% return as Investment #1.

Which investment has a higher balance at the end of the 20 year period?

NGPF is always at the ready…

You know we here at NGPF are always happy to help, which is why we didn’t think twice about responding to a unique email we received through our website. Dorothy was trying to solve a problem involving her church group: It’s got members who have joined at various points, anywhere from the past year to being a charter, founding member of the organization. They wanted to buy funeral flowers, as the members pass away, at varying price points based on length of membership. Dorothy turned to NGPF for a solution for keeping account of these flower purchases.

Now, this is not typically the type of support NGPF is in the business of offering, but, as mentioned before, we love to help! So, I created a quick spreadsheet so that Dorothy and her group can track their funeral flower spending. I love spreadsheets, so it was a perfect project for a Friday morning!

And, it ties in nicely to a little teaser promo here — NGPF surveyed earlier this year about spreadsheet usage in your classrooms, and we’ve identified it as an area where teens (and some teachers) could use a little support. That’s why one of our focuses for Spring semester will

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NGPF: Tim Talks to Pat Page, Award-Winning Educator and Passionate Advocate for Financial Education


Thanks to Pat Page for the great conversation we recently had on the NGPF podcast. Pat shared her insights and expertise on many topics that financial educators will find helpful. You will learn about Pat’s approach to using technology in her classroom, teaching spreadsheets, using pithy phrases to focus student attention and telling stories that bring financial topics to life. You will also hear the inspiring story of how a group of students at her high school lobbied the Rhode Island legislature to make financial literacy a priority in the state. Enjoy!


These 16 Pages Will Teach Your Students All They Need to Know About Investing…

download-15Here’s a free (and simple) guide to investing from Dr. William Bernstein that brings some clarity to investing. The title tells it all, If You Can – How Millenials Can Get Rich Slowly (it’s really only 14 pages of text and well worth the 15 minutes). Will be a great extension activity and/or long-form reading assignment at the end of your investing unit. Here’s the tantalizing question that the booklet opens with:

Would you believe me if I told you there is an investment strategy that a seven-year old could understand, will take you fifteen minutes per year, outperform 90% of finance professionals in the long run and make you a millionaire over time?

Interactive and Activity Idea: How Worried Are You About Your Economic Situation?

From NPR:

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.09.44 PM

Marketplace has developed their own Economic Anxiety Index to go beyond the traditional economic figures you hear spouted about on a regular basis (i.e., unemployment rate, new jobs created, GDP, CPI).  After providing some identifying information (see above), the quiz asks some general questions about your financial situation (including “Do you lose sleep over your financial situation?”). It then asks some questions about your employment situation, housing, other expenses, saving for retirement, paying for college, car payments, medical bills and student loan payments (anyone anxious yet?). It then provides a great interactive you to allow the survey respondent to compare their results with others across many different dimensions.

So, while many of these questions aren’t relevant for your high school students, I thought it would be instructive for students to go through this process:

Day 9 of the 24 Hour Personal Finance Course: Creating a Monthly College Budget

Today was Day 9 of our Presonal Finance in 24 Hours course, Day 2 of Budgeting in College, and one of my favorite lessons. Go ahead and click if you want to see the whole plan, with all of the resources, but here are some of my favorite moments I’d like to highlight: