Snapchat Is Going Public. Would You Buy Their IPO?

First an admission. I have never used Snapchat. Despite that, I thought their upcoming IPO would be a good hook to get students interested in how the stock market works. Before diving into the specifics of Snapchat (actually it is their parent company, SNAP, who is going public), here’s a good video from Wall Street Survivor that explains what an IPO is:


Time Launches Coinage, A Video-First Site Dedicated To Personal Finance

From Press Release:

Today, Time Inc. (NYSE:TIME) launches Coinage, a new video-first brand covering personal finance that runs across 22 Time Inc. sites. Coinage will feature 600 short-form videos throughout 2017 to help guide everyday choices consumers make in spending, saving and investing for themselves and their families across all stages of life in a lighthearted and entertaining fashion.

Here are the first three videos they released. Each are between 1-2 minutes:

Question: Are Companies Starting Up In Your Community?

Answer: Great infographic from How Much? shows the percentage of jobs in a market created by start-up companies (defined as “as businesses that began operating in a particular year. There is no prior business activity associated with the startups.”). The bigger the circle, the higher the percentage of jobs that come from start-ups. 

Here’s the graphic:

NGPF: Tim Talks to Pat Page, Award-Winning Educator and Passionate Advocate for Financial Education


Thanks to Pat Page for the great conversation we recently had on the NGPF podcast. Pat shared her insights and expertise on many topics that financial educators will find helpful. You will learn about Pat’s approach to using technology in her classroom, teaching spreadsheets, using pithy phrases to focus student attention and telling stories that bring financial topics to life. You will also hear the inspiring story of how a group of students at her high school lobbied the Rhode Island legislature to make financial literacy a priority in the state. Enjoy!


Interactive: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Plug this interactive into your Career or Leadership lesson and spark a great conversation about leadership styles. Students can complete this simple nine question survey from Quartz and determine what their leadership style is. Here’s a sampling of the statements (or questions) that students will respond to:

A Weekly Round Up: Schools In The News



GARY, IN.  The bleating of a pair of goats has been added to the clucking of hens at Thea Bowman Leadership Academy’s urban farm. Nearly two dozen students at the high school are taking the Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance class, which oversees the farm.

  • Improving Financial Literacy for Ontario Students (Ontario)

November is Financial Literacy Month and Ontario is highlighting the various resources and supports provided to students across the province to improve their financial literacy.

A Florida-based teen financial literacy program led to a set of free suits for one of the state’s famed high school football programs as part of a partnership that aims to improve the lives of talented young athletes off the field, no matter how successful they may become on it

  • Affinity Plus Foundation and Cookie Cart join forces to provide teens personal finance, life skills (CU Insight)

ST. PAUL, MN — Teens will participate in financial literacy workshops as a part

Sign of the Apocalypse: Toblerone Changing Its Shape


I have to come clean, I have a wicked sweet tooth, so when I read this news from the Financial Times, I almost cried. Anyone who has bitten into a Toblerone knows what makes it distinctive…:

The distinctively peaked Toblerone chocolate bar will be partly flattened in the UK after maker Mondelez International blamed rising costs for the need to cut back its size, writes John Murray Brown. British consumers took to social media to complain about changes to the Swiss-made chocolate bar, which has had its unique shape for more than a century. Two products, one sold exclusively in the UK, have fewer peaks and wider troughs to reduce weight without changing the packaging.

This has caused quite a stir leading one to wonder if their cost savings will be illusory as their sales volumes drop. Here what some folks are saying on social media:

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Long-Form Reading: What Does the McDonald’s Origin Story Teach Us About Entrepreneurship?

Interesting article from the Smithsonian (3,000 words; about 15 minutes) captures the origin story of McDonald’s. For those teaching entrepreneurship, this makes for fascinating reading. I identified five important takeaways for aspiring founders (why not assign the reading and see what takeaways your students get from the reading?):

  • Entrepreneurs have desire to determine their own fate vs. working for someone else: “Squeezing citrus was hardly the aspiration of two brothers named McDonald from frosty Manchester, New Hampshire. They’d watched as their father had been kicked to the curb after 42 years of employment at the G. P. Crafts shoe factory, told he was too old to be of use any more. Just like that, his working days were done. The indignity of his dismissal impressed upon his children the urgency of taking control of their own futures in order to avoid such a fate.
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