Question: What Role Should Work Play In Your Lives?

A great question for your students to ponder before diving into your Career unit. The impetus for this question came from a story I heard on the Marketplace podcast:

While listening, ask your students to listen:

Interactive: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Plug this interactive into your Career or Leadership lesson and spark a great conversation about leadership styles. Students can complete this simple nine question survey from Quartz and determine what their leadership style is. Here’s a sampling of the statements (or questions) that students will respond to:

A Weekly Round-Up: Schools in the News


Students at Provine High School will soon be able to open up accounts with Hope Credit Union right in their own hallway. The project started as a partnership between Provine High School’s Business and Finance Academy and Hope Credit Union. In the program, students participated in workshops, learning about financial literacy, how credit unions work and the importance of saving money from staff at Hope as well as their own teachers who received training from the credit union.

Personal Finance in Your Life: “The Work From Home” Scheme

I was reminded of an earlier blog post (What’s the Catch? Make Lots of Money Working from Home) after seeing this sign at a hotel. A good example of “if it sounds too good to be true…well, it probably is!):



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Question: What Do Young Americans Wish They Learned More About In School?

Not a bad starting point for thinking about what to include when designing a personal finance curriculum. Better yet, share this with your administration to lobby for a personal finance graduation requirement.

From USA Today/Bank of America Survey:

NGPF Launches “The Fine Print”

download-9Read the fine print!

We hear that advice all the time (a quick google search found it here and here and here). Yet, we didn’t see any resources out there that would actually develop the critical thinking skills required to navigate the complex world of financial products. So, today we launched a new product “The Fine Print,” mini-lessons to give students practice with the important forms, statements and agreements they will encounter in their financial lives. Given that our website is hitting records today, this product is clearly popular with teachers!

What are the features of “The Fine Print?”

Question: What Are The Top Job Skills in 2016?

From LinkedIn (hat tip to EdSurge):


Questions for students:

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Charts: The Changing Nature of Employment and 26 Others!

Vox (hat tip to Big Picture Blog) has a great set of 27 charts that they say will change the way you think about the American economy. I think they are right! Here were three that caught my attention:

  • In 1965, 1 in 3 workers had a job in manufacturing; today the figures are closer to 1 in 6. Here’s the trend lines: