Having Fun With Investing Cartoons

Here are three cartoons focused on investing and a few questions for your students to ponder:

  • What is happening in the cartoon?
  • What is the motive of the cartoonist?
  • What lessons can you glean from these cartoons to help your financial life?


In this case, the experts are right! Check out this NGPF Activity on Compound Interest. Create an activity to see what happens when parents invest in college saving or 529 plans when their children are born. 

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Let’s Make Investing Fun: Cartoons That Will Make You Laugh (and Teach You Too!)

Some good laughs here but also some good messages (which I have paired with corresponding NGPF resources):


Message: With the power of compound interest, it is important to start saving as soon as possible!


Ethics Activity: The L.L. Bean Return Policy


I was listening to this audio segment (20.5 minutes) of This American Life’s podcast “Get Your Money’s Worth” (Act 2: Bean Counter) about retailer L.L. Bean’s return policy and thinking “what a great discussion starter about the ethics of customer returns.” We have an ethics lesson on our curriculum roadmap so please send along any other ways that you bring ethics into your classroom.

Here are some questions for your students to ponder as they listen to the podcast:

Let’s Get Serious (or Not): Cartoons To Consider

Ran across a few cartoons that you might bring some levity to the classroom or amplify a key point.

From Barrons:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 11.25.46 PM

Why did I select it?

Cartoons: What’s So Funny About Checking Accounts?

One of the teachers at the recent New Hampshire workshop mentioned how much she liked using cartoons with her personal finance classes. Well, I haven’t done a post for a long time on the topic so here is how cartoonists find humor in checking accounts:

  • Ask your students to research how you deposit money into an online bank.



  • Discuss how students can protect themselves from people hacking their bank account.
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Activity Idea: Name and Tame The 10 Cognitive Biases That Hurt Us Financially!


Hat tip to Big Picture Blog, which shared some cartoons highlighting the cognitive biases (see Bandwagon Effect above) that we all suffer from which impact our money management decisions.

So, how to incorporate into your class?

Question: What Is Two Factor Authentication?

images (12)

A good question to kick off your Identity Theft class or your checking lessons. As more and more banking shifts online, it becomes more imperative than ever for consumers to protect their log-in credentials. This is where two factor authentication comes in (full disclosure: I use two factor authentication for all of my financial accounts).  This process goes one step beyond your username and password to prevent the situation described above.

From Brian Krebs blog (a noted security expert):

Interpreting Cartoons: Credit Cards

New idea…providing you with three cartoons focused on one personal finance topic (credit cards in this post) and have students answer a few questions:

  • What is happening in the cartoon?
  • What is the motive of the cartoonist?
  • What lessons can you glean from these cartoons to help your financial life?

I hope you and your students enjoy these first three (I provided one takeaway to get you started):

Cartoon 1:

Takeaway: The cards may be small enough to fit in your wallet but the potential for mayhem is high if you can’t control your spending.

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