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Educator Brian Page Shares His Lesson: Buying an Automobile

Earlier this month, we received an email from educator Brian Page about a lesson he had created on Buying an Automobile. First and foremost, we want to thank Brian for sharing such a great lesson with us. Second, we want to highlight some of the awesome things about his lesson below! If you are interested in using Brian’s materials, click here to access his resources in Google Drive, which are in “View Only” mode. To use them in your classroom, simply go to File and either click “Make a copy” OR “Add to My Drive”.

Brian describes what led him to create this lesson:

“This lesson uses the experiential learning method, which I prefer to use when at all possible. Before diving into the lesson, I need to provide context. I did not write the lesson with the intention of sharing it with others. So there is not a “teacher guide” with standard alignment and teacher specific nomenclature. We are a 1:1 school, so the lesson is designed for students who have access to a computer. Most importantly, much of the commentary I use in the video and some lesson requirements include the integration of behavioral economics. I scaffold such strategies throughout

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Video Resource: TED Talk on Philanthropy

In honor of our upcoming lesson release (be on the lookout on Thursday for new lessons on Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, and more!), we wanted to share this insightful TED Talk by Dan Pallotta on how The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong.


In the video, Dan “calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get done. Instead of equating frugality with morality, he asks us to start rewarding charities for their big goals and big accomplishments (even if that comes with big expenses). In this bold talk, he says: Let’s change the way we think about changing the world”.1

This TED Talk is a great supplement to our Philanthropy Lesson (coming out Thursday) and encourages students to think about the challenges of being a philanthropist or philanthropic organization. The video is approximately 20 minutes long and can be followed by some of the questions below!

  • What are some of the double standards Dan talks about in his TED Talk in regards to nonprofit organizations?
  • Dan talks about how many philanthropists prefer their money go to
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