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When I started working at Next Gen Personal Finance, it's as though my undergraduate degree in finance, followed by ten years as an educator in an NYC public high school, suddenly all made sense.

Sue Suttich’s Students Learn to Save

NGPF Fellow Sue Suttich let us know she’d just finished teaching a unit on savings, she’d utilized some of our NGPF resources, and her students had generated some creative work! Sue had her students (shout out, Tigard High School in Tigurd, OR — we see you!) create posters and catchy slogans to impress upon others the importance of savings. Sue, herself, is a big fan of slogans — she screen prints her own Financial Literacy-themed t-shirts, though that’s a whole different story — and it’s clearly taking off with her students, too. Below are just a few of her students’ posters and videos.

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NGPF Visits City-As-School (New York, NY)

NGPF Fellow Tony Montgomery not only co-facilitated our workshop at the w!se MoneyPOWER conference on November 8, AND helped field teacher questions at our Exhibitor’s Booth, but he ALSO invited me to visit his classroom the following day, Nov 9, at City-As-School in Manhattan.

I visited Tony’s class which, this cycle, is focused on Paying for College. The school calendar is organized into cycles, where students learn intensely in one narrowly focused class, rather than having many units spread over a semester. Tony uses our curriculum, on the Gooru platform, as the main content for his class, supplementing with his own resources, too. Speaking of, check out these two recommended articles from Tony: Is College Tuition Really Too High? (NY Times) and Career Earnings of Low-income Graduates Lag, Study Says (Chicago Tribune).

Anyway, back to the visit — While I was there, Tony’s students were on their second to last class period, and they were researching the net price of three different colleges of their choosing. Tony slightly modified this NGPF activity, which the students worked on independently: CALCULATE: How Much Should I Borrow for College. I was really impressed with how well his students navigated the

NGPF Visits Williamsburg Charter High School (Brooklyn, NY)

Thanks go NGPF Fellow Cheryl Williams, I had the opportunity to visit her school, Williamsburg Charter High School in Brooklyn, NY, while I was in in town for the w!se conference. Cheryl is the social studies department leader, and while I didn’t get the chance to see Cheryl’s teaching in action, she set me up for two class visits with other members of her staff. Here are the highlights:

  • I visited Curtis Jacquemain’s Financial Algebra class, where he was leading his senior students through a worksheet about reading a credit card’s Schumer Box: CALCULATE: Understand Your Credit Agreement.jacquemains-schumer-box
  • I was pleased to see Mr. Jacquemain also had some photocopies of one of our Data Crunches on his shelf by the door!
  • I also visited Bridget Sanfilippo’s Economics class, where students had recently completed a large budgeting project, which Ms. Sanfilippo had constructed from our own budgeting resources as well as others she’d found or created. cheryl-students-working
  • What I loved is that, as a post-project assignment, she was having students do two column charts: Tips for Budgeting and Ways to Improve the Project.

Current Event: Voters reject funding NFL Chargers stadium

As you may or may not know, NGPF has a team of hardworking high school interns that help us with all manner of business. Today, a hat tip goes to Sid, who found this article from the NY Times — San Diego Voters Reject Funding of New Chargers Stadium.

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Tell us how you DIFFERENTIATE personal finance instruction

You know the term, you’ve heard the buzz, but now we want to hear from you. How do you differentiate your personal finance instruction? What strategies do you use, and what makes it difficult? Tell us in this month’s survey and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be our $50 gift card winner.

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Sue Suttich wins Personal Finance Teacher of the Year (Financial Beginnings Organization)

NGPF Fellow & Tigard High School business marketing teacher Sue Suttich stopped by our Palo Alto offices recently, and we got to chatting about the recent Financial Beginnings Conference in Salem, OR. NGPF wasn’t able to make it up for the conference, unfortunately, but Sue was there AND won Personal Finance Teacher of the Year from the Financial Beginnings Organization.

You can read a brief article from a local newspaper here, though we do believe they confused our NGPF Summer Institute in June in Palo Alto with something else entirely… Either way, congrats, Sue! We love that you are one of our Fellows, and we love that your hard work and excellent teaching continues to be recognized!



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Look who stopped by…

NGPF Fellow (and Summer Institute 2016 participant) Sue Suttich, of Tigard High School in Tigard, OR, swung by our offices while she was in town. We love and appreciate visits from teachers, so if you’re a regular user of NGPF curriculum or professional development opportunities, and you’re ever in the San Fran Bay Area, swing by our Palo Alto offices and say HI! We’d love to meet you in person.

Fun Fact about Sue: She creates her own financial literacy-themed t-shirts! Unfortunately, none of us are wearing one in this picture, but they’re a sight to behold. Hoping to add a picture soon… 😉 Thanks for swinging by, Sue!

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Laura Falk, NGPF Fellow, Named Innovative Educator

Just last month, Maureen made the news by being named September’s Innovative Educator, and now a second NGPF Fellow, Laura Falk, has been named October’s Innovative Educator by Practical Money Skills for Life! She’s a family & consumer science teacher at Fairbanks High School in Ohio and was one of our Summer Institute participants in 2016. Before they graduate, every single student at Laura’s school will take her Financial Management course, and she keeps it interesting through a lot of hard work on her part: “I’m not a textbook teacher. It’s not my style, and I find it a little boring. It’s unique that my students will never know what the day will look like in my class. Kids can very easily get bored and unengaged, but this keeps things interesting for everyone.” Quite deserving, Laura is also a Visa Innovative Educators Scholarship awardee for the Jump$tart National Conference this year. You can read more about Laura and her course here.

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