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Hopefully, if you listen to this Tim Ferriss podcast with Ramit Sethi, you won’t have this reaction as you start saving money on your everyday expenses:

  • Start the podcast at 7:52: Ramit Sethi shares tactics to negotiate common bills including credit cards (late fees and APR), cable, gym memberships and cell phone companies.
    • Have your students take notes on the scripts and use the advice to save their families some money.
  • At 14:50: Role play where one participant negotiates late fee with credit card company
  • At 18:50: Are there items that are more difficult to negotiate? Three factors to consider whether or not to negotiate.
  • At 21:30: What if you can’t find lower prices but still want to negotiate?
  • At 22:35: What if you are not in a strong position to negotiate (i.e. you have been a problematic customer)?

I haven’t listened beyond 23:30 as he moved to discuss business negotiations.

Now what? Have your students practice their scripts with a classmate to get the cable company to lower their monthly bill using the tactics that Ramit mentioned. Have the listener provide feedback and then reverse roles.


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