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Short Investing Videos As Discussion Starters

  • Millenials investing for retirement the wrong way (USA Today)
    • Why is cash the wrong place to invest for retirement?

  • Want to sell your future earnings potential (an investment in yourself) in return for current cash (sky1)
    • Would you consider this arrangement? Why or why not?
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Question: How Does Public College Tuition Compare to Household Income In Your State?

Great (and somewhat depressing) interactive from ProPublica which will allow students to…

  1. Select a state and see the change in yearly tuition at public schools from 2000-2014 AND Change in Median Household Income over that same period
  2. Pick a specific college or university and see the increase in tuition over from 2000-2014

Here is one example from the state of Virginia and how my alma mater stacks up against other in-state colleges/universities:

Question: What Percentage of 8-14 Year Olds Have Credit Cards?

Answer: 18%, according to recent survey by T. Rowe Price.

Here’s the data:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.18.18 PM

Some reasons parents gave for giving their kids credit cards:

NGPF Podcast: Tim Talks To Colleen Poynton and Alex Davidov About The FinTech Revolution

ColleenBrightened alex-photo-e1435972178153

Thanks to Colleen Poynton and Alex Davidov of Core Innovation Capital for recently appearing on the NGPF podcast. As venture capitalists, Colleen and Alex invest in promising early-stage companies in the financial services sector. As such, they have a front row seat to the innovative companies disrupting the status quo and changing the way we pay, we borrow and we invest (to name just a few). Colleen and Alex also provided insights into the changing nature of work (aka “the gig economy) and what young people need to do to thrive in this new environment. Enjoy!


Question: Are You Comfortable Not Carrying Any Cash With You?


What Are Your Money Values?

NY Times columnist Ron Lieber out with a column over the weekend which lists 7 questions to get a conversation started about money (the sketch above from Carl Richards of NYT also):

Question: How Do Chip Credit Cards Work?

Cool interactive (hat tip to Kristin Wong of LifeHacker and GIF from Lending Tree):

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Question: What’s the Biggest Source Of Financial Stress (by State)?

Here are the choices:

  • Paying my mortgage or rent
  • Lack of stable income
  • Paying for education
  • Not being able to retire
  • Not having enough money to fund an emergency
  • Wanting a nicer lifestyle
  • Paying off my debt

Envelope please…